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Contact list:

Nicolas Deckmyn - webmaster - redaction - design - html
                                                                                    or on the Noctis chatbox as Galahad
                                                                                    or somewhere in Belgium at night

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Thomas Carton de Wiart - hosting - dynamic applications -
Louis de Decker - precise php environment -
Victor Miguel - layout and design - - and on Noctis chatbox
Flyingcow - php salvation - - and on Noctis chatbox
Jérôme Martens - html and synchronization -
Loup Brenta - html  -

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Mails :

Pablo Discobar -
Olivier Gosseries -
Gilles Maes -
Bun-Zero aka Benoît Englebin - - and on Noctis chatbox
La Mission 9 aka Johann Delferière - m9(at)
Soul Mgmt aka Youri Cocquyt -

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Add infos to Noctis is free and easy:

- Add a Party, a night Event with a date.

- Add a Bar, a Club, Night Restaurant, Night Shop,
                           Fashion Shop, any nocturnal place, ...


- Suggest a Link to a Nightlife or Noctis related website

- To add some News, send a mail at and just say why you're
                    interested in writing for the Noctis Nightlife News.
                    If selected, you'll get the page and the pass.