Genuine History
Originally created in 1994 on the Dialectrique BBS, these pages were one year later hosted by the Dialectrique website with great visits rate (95-97). Noctis took then the URL of and is still dedicated to you with always more over the nightlife, with our faith and passion. Dance, Happiness, Conciousness. That's our ships to your heaven.

Why Noctis ?

Because in Latin, Noctis means Night.

Why ".com" ?

Because we communicate parties to you, and because .be was hard to purchase in 1998. .com is the most used of internet extensions, and it's not limited.

Is it a commercial website ?

Noctis generates NO money since 1994, I pay from my own budget to keep it up... and Thomas too (so many thanks mate!).

                              ----------------------------------------------------------- webmaster since 1994 is Nicolas Deckmyn + all the Noctis users

Nicolas also provided contents for:

Brussels Life Guide 2006
Brussels Life

the monthly pages of Kiosque Magazine (18.000 ex in Brussels)
from April 1996 till November 2004.
       ickiosque.gif (6239 bytes)

BITC guide for Brussels - Time Out guide for Belgium - Max miniguides Bruxelles & Antwerpen
        All The Fun - Bruxelles - clubs, jazz, bars, restaurants, xxx             Time Out guide for Belgium brussels-antwerp-ghent-bruges            Max Guides For Brussels and Antwerpen
+ many more guides for Belgium

Nicolas currently provides articles monthly to Out Soon Magazine,
and delivers a radioshow every friday evening (7pm till 8pm) on BXL Radio 101.4 fm in Brussels (
In June 2006, he's part of the Fifa Championship Opening Celebration in Frankfurt by joining the gigantic picture-show created by the international artist Marie-Jo Lafontaine. Somehow, his mottos and questions will be inserted in the 15 minutes public show.

Many helps and contributions by:
(all emails in the Contacts page)

Thomas TCDW
With his partner David, they added the dynamic abilities Noctis
needed since a while. Thanks Thomas, Noctis has an every
week refreshed agenda. No more outdated parties ... all automated since 2001.
And even more: StudioRVB provides us a server, so Noctis still exists!
Check their website creations at

They created the current version of :
Victor Miguel             (graphics/design wizard)
  Louis de Decker     (php wizard)
   Loup Brenta            (html wizard)
    Jérôme Martens   (html wizard & project manager)
Those are the four names of the wizards who worked for 7 months with Nicolas to rebuild Noctis for you in 2003. Graphists, programmers, project manager, to give you a better, faster, crazier and finally get the party you deserve !

Suzee Kay
She already works for expats-in-belgium related magazines, and is one of the most complete living encyclopaedia about Ibiza lifestyle and Balearic night-spots. Beeing British and a clubber often gives a great blend, that's why she helps us to keep Noctis up to date... for the news of course, and sometimes (yeh, i still need it) for the spelling. Two or three people looking at that is never too much, heh.
She also has a very business-related job in her daylife... but that's another story. :-)

The A.L. aka Michael
He often writes articles about Hip Hop artists coming in Belgium, or about The Glimmers touring in Cannes ... but he prefers hiding behind those two mysterious letters: A.L. ... I just dare to reveal here his first name. Call the press!

About the webmaster:
Nicolas Deckmyn (or Dekmine) is producing radio shows on several broadcasts since 1984, and writes articles and texts for books since 1993.

At first his radioshows were mostly Jazz and Rock oriented, but in 1989 he created a programme only talking about nightlife and inviting deejay performances on Radio Campus Brussels. In 1994 he started the live FM broadcast of Radio Crystal and created its whole grid, working for a year with the whole belgian deejay scene & some guests as Stacey Pullen, Armando, Angel Ruiz (Ibiza), Common Factor, Mike Dunn, ... all over Brussels.
Besides, with a few friends he co-organised 60's Psychedelic Rock & Soul parties named 'Psyclotron' from 1992 to 1997. Back to Radio Campus in 1995, he produced his weekly nightlife-show until 2001. He recently produced shows and reports for Radio RMX (2003 & 2004) and RTBf 'La Première' ("Par Ouï Dire" - 2004).
He currently presents a weekly show about the clubbing in Brussels on BXL radio (101.4 fm in Brussels, since September 2004.

With the content of those radioshows, he launched in 1994 a party agenda based on BBS technology (computer to computer, it was before internet really arrived) on the advice of one of his friends, Daniel, and with his help. Noctis was born that way.

Nicolas wrote hundreds pages of texts and infos about nightlife monthly from 1996 till 2004 for Kiosque magazine, but also for (weekly from 2000 till 2002 ), since 2005 for, and sometimes for special editions of Max monthly magazine (France), Journal du Mardi, or Out Soon magazine (the Techno mag for Belgium) where he writes a History of Belgian Clubbing since September 2005.
He also often writes texts and articles for the books and art exhibitions of Marie-Jo Lafontaine (Babylon Babies, Paradise Experience, Skyline Frankfurt).

He always worked with music and records in his radioshows, and he's a Sixties-PsycheRock deejay since the 90's in the Psyclotron parties, but he's mixing more styles since 2002:
Eclectic mix: (chill-trip hop-electro-disco-house-reggae-jazz)
- twice at BMW showroom in Munich (20 July and 13 Sept. 2002)
- at Bernhard Knaus gallery in Mannheim (July 2002)
- 3 nights at Pablo Discobar (2003 & 2004)
Psychedelic Rock mix: (60's Rock & Soul, Hippie tunes)
- Thunderdouf night in Brussels Apr 2005
- Gazon last Saturday August 2005
- Beursschouwburg Febr 2006 (5 hours non stop Psyclotron mix)

Actually, his only discography is this:
Sypposytyk Hypnozya "Meditation Circle"
on Buzz rec./Indisc - Summer 1991
In partnership with Osvaldo la Rosa (aka D.I.D.)
Sypposytyk Hypnozya myspage
Some of the monday deejay shows from 1992 to 1999 are available on our RealAudio page (just click here to check the files).

email the webmaster:


Big past helps (1994 - 2004) by:

Daniel Szmulewicz
Writer, co-creator of Dialectrique,
co-originator of Noctis (1994-96)
The guy who started it with Nicolas on a BBS
He created the first html pages of Noctis.

François "Waxed"
Crucial technical support (hard and softwares) (96-97)

François Lamotte
First flash design and structures creation, first html environment (1996)

dj Liquid X aka Colin
First hosting and technical help (1994-96)

Gregory Lacour
Second hosting & structural help (1996-98)
Audiopolis, his company, is now an important record distributor

Netbeat via Raphaël Thijs
Third hosting (1998-2000)

Marc de la Nuit
When he had time he used to spend it for Noctis, taking pictures of festivals or Asian destinations. He currently lives in Cambodia.

Olivier Bonsoir
He provided you pictures and occasional news for a couple of years.
In daylife he is a successfull designer and architect, creating discobars and record shops decoration.

Tania "Monad" Derck
She's been mostly correcting my so bad english and translating texts.
But she's been a partner in Out Soon for years in the nineties,
She worked for Jeff Mills as well as for cultural organisations in
Chicago. Mainly, she's still a famous Brussels party character... heh!

Youri Cocquyt
Agent for artists, events producer/promoter, he gave me a big help on the
news and communication side. He owns artist
management. Since he organised Decadance parties in the 80's,
Youri did a looong way in the futuristic nights of Belgium. Partner
in Rave Explosion concept (more than 50 massive parties in the early
nineties, with the biggest names of the world Techno scene), he
managed record labels for several companies (Pias, Elypsia, ...)
before he started his own management office. Always between two
planes to Chicago, Miami or London, he reaches the top worlds
talents to provide it to festivals, clubs, organisers etc...
His website here


Press samples and links related to Noctis webmaster

Zone02 - March 2005
Zone02 - March 2005 - Tout est bon si ça mène à la fête - 10 years of

Le Soir - October 2003
Le Soir - Novembre 2003 - Anne-Cécile Huwart & Alain Dewez
by Anne Cécile Huwart & Alain Dewez
Le Soir - December 2002 -

by Anne-Cécile Huwart
Selected in Mosquito - March 2002

Thanks to "Le 7ème" in

7 march 1999
about webmaster
try this direct link to read it

Sample of article in 'Victor' (Le Soir)
Jan. 2002:

try this direct link to read it entirely

Also by Julien Bosseler in Le Soir 1998:

Thanks to

check this! Surreal is an underground mag that featured an article about in a recent issue.
Access the Surreal website here ____________________
Also this by Julien Bosseler in Le Soir 1998: [...] Ce courant musical urbain est né vers 1988 sur les ondes de Detroit aux Etats-Unis, en écho à la production alternative européenne de l'époque (dont le groupe allemand Kraftwerk fut le fer de lance avec "Radioactivity") et à l'electrofunk de la communauté noire américaine.
La techno est une musique de colère, de revendication muette et de progression , définit Nicolas Deckmyn, animateur sur Radio Campus et branché sur le monde de la nuit (
Il faut la différencier de la House qui lui est antérieure d'au moins deux ou trois ans et qui n'a pour but que le défoulement au moment présent. Comme la hip-hop, la techno est là pour nous poser des questions sur la société et faire évoluer les esprits.
La techno est devenue une culture en soi, avec ses dieux, les DJ stars comme Jeff Mills, Carl Cox, Laurent Garnier ou Dave Clarke (la tête d'affiche de Technopolis), mais aussi avec son code vestimentaire, sa communication graphique et ses grands rassemblements de foule comme la "Love Parade" de Berlin (plus d'un million de participants!)

an autumn 2001 The Ticket issue featured a short portrait of Noctis Webmaster in a night related article. Big thanks to them. This can be found here (nl) and here (fr)

Main The Ticket website: here

"Een serene kijk op het grauwe nachtleven. Nicolas Deckmyn is nachtelijk chroniqueur. Van het vroegere "Radio Crystal" tot het huidige "" duikt hij met jullie in de nacht.
The Ticket: Wie is Nicolas Deckmyn?
Nicolas: Een kerel die sinds 1988 voeling heeft met de nacht, die het publiek tracht te bereiken met informatie over waar je een feestje kunt bouwen en anderen kunt ontmoeten. Er gaan immers veel meer mensen naar clubs dan naar de kerk. Het nachtleven in al zijn vormen is bovendien heel divers. [...]

"Un regard serein sur le monde grisé de la nuit, Nicolas Deckmyn est chroniqueur nocturne. Depuis la"Radio Crystal" des débuts jusqu'à l'actuel "", il s'attache à vous faciliter la nuit.
The Ticket : Nicolas Deckmyn, c'est qui ?
Nicolas : C'est un type qui s'intéresse à la nuit depuis 1988, qui trouve le public et lui donne des infos sur où faire la fête et retrouver les autres humains. Puisqu'il y a beaucoup plus de monde dans les clubs que dans les églises et parce que la nuit au travers de ses cultures représente les différentes identités. [...]"