-You have questions about belgian nightlife? About the clubs and parties? About Noctis?
-Vous avez des questions à propos de la nuit belge, des boîtes et soirées, de Noctis?
- Hebben jullie vragen in verband met het nachtle

As far as I can, I'll answer... sometimes with the help of Youri Cocquyt, Tania, or one of the Noctis partners.

J'y répondrai de mon mieux... parfois avec l'aide de Youri, Tania ou l'un des partenaires de Noctis.

Ik beantwoord binnen de mate van het mogelijke... soms met de hulp van Youri, Tania of een van de Noctis partners.

: )

Posez vos questions à l'email nicolas.deckmyn@noctis.com
Stel jullie vragen per e-mail bericht via nicolas.deckmyn@noctis.com
Ask it in a mail to nicolas.deckmyn@noctis.com

Et laissez passer un peu de temps... quelques jours. Parfois une semaine... tout dépend du temps libre.
And let us some time... few days. Sometimes a week... depends of the free time.
En geef ons enkele dagen tot een week om te antwoorden, alles hangt af van de beschikbare tijd. .

this started on sunday 10th of sept 2000

In the agenda, why are some parties so differently written? (with spaces, without... small, big, etc)
Many people encode those parties. I enter 50% of them by myself, and the other 50% are written by dozen of users who all have their style, or their own cut/paste system. I try to maintain a global visual structure, but I must admit that sometimes I feel lazy and i let things go on a little time. I apologize. I'll work on it.
-nicolas Dec. 2002 -

Why is the MadeInBrussels website not anymore on Noctis.com?

Simply because Psychogene & Scara received the name 'madeinbrussels.be' for free and started to create a website on it. The Noctis sub-site was then unnecessary. The duty of those pages on Noctis.com was only to provide to the public the basic informations about the cluband its music. Now that the club has a complete website, Noctis will only relay the parties informations in the agenda and news... and the link of course.
-nicolas Dec. 2002-

Will the Boccaccio in Destelbergen open its gates again?
Well, it's not the 'Boccaccio' anymore, but the 'Mega-Temple'. The place is the same, the boss too, but the name has changed. Now as far as I know, the place reopens weekly since october 2002. It has been closed in 1993 in a pre-election time under the pressure of neighbours... for problems due to the sound, but also due to the crowd it had. Since 2000 Topradio-Gent organised some events there, but it was kindof once or twice a month, in a Trance style. There has been no party with original resident deejays yet (Olivier Pieters, Eric Beysens or PhiPhi). But it's now officially open every saturday at Solariumdreef - Destelbergen. All the special dates will be added to the Noctis agenda everytime we got it.
-nicolas Dec. 2002-

How many ppl do work for Noctis.com?

MMMh... nowadays if I include everyone... I count six.
Nicolas for the global content management, Thomas & StudioRVB for the dynamic agenda and the web hosting, plus four web wizards who currently work since october 2002 on the new version of Noctis.com (a little more to wait, mates ... this looks good). Those wizards are Victor Miguel, Louis de Decker, Loup Brenta and Jérôme Martens.

I do the content of Noctis since 1994, with the past help of Daniel (creation 94-95), Waxed (technical 95-96), François (graphics 96-97), Gregory at Audiopolis.com (hosting 97-2000), and Raphaël Funkybuby at Netbeat.com (2000-2001). Now you know why all Noctis.com go slower when I'm sick or when I got a toothache (oooouch!)... and go faster when I feel good! a natural rule for an online webservice. (hehe) Fortunately, there's sooo many musics to keep me ok... WOOOOHOOOO!!! : )
-nicolas Dec. 2002-

How come that the Mirano or Fill Collins never stand in the agenda?
They stand sometimes, if something special is happening or if there's tickets to win. Fuse have a guest every week, so I have to add it to the agenda. Mirano or Fill Collins globally keep their residents weekly and have only a few special events a year (and then it's in the agenda). For the weekly clubs with weekly residents, the "daybyday" lists are available with hundreds of venues in all and every styles, from Salsa to Techno, from tv hits to Funk, and for whole Belgium.

A cool msg from UK:
"I sit here in the UK in Leicester (Midlands), It is Monday night and most of the bars/clubs/cafe`s have either been closed since Saturday night or a few only open untill 22.30.
I have accidently surfed in on your site from UK Rave and Free-Parties sites which has inspired excitement with the knowledge that there is a life and party (not forgetting food) scene going on in your country and in many other Euro Countries also.
Conclusion: A very good informative site and one day I would like to visit Belgium/Brussels because of this.
Thanx. Andi"
Waw... hehe... this msg is a nice gift! Andi, you're welcome in Brussels... but think that on monday night Belgium is really quiet too. Btw it's true that our week-ends are made of pure madness. hootchy kootchy chabeedoowaa, let's dance till the sun rises!

I'm a new deejay (or a confirmed one) and I want to add myself to the list and to the booking list. How can I do?
1) for the complete belgian deejays list, it's easy... but it takes a little time because I manage that page only 3 or 4 times a year. If I add all the deejays who stop after 2 or 3 parties and all the deejays who only mix in their room then it won't be a list but a big mess. So, send me your info at info@noctis.com and be patient. I'll add it for sure if I see your name on flyers and in party infos sometimes. Important: there's only a few styles on the page because I cannot sort all the belgian deejays, there's really too much.
2) for the booking list, it's a little more to do. I need to know you well, by your professional recognition or by personal trust. Almost all deejays in the list are close friends or confirmed artists (sometimes both), that's the reason why I can guarantee that when they say "I'm gonna spin in that party" it's gonna be true.
Out of that it takes a little time too, only because I'm alone behind to manage the whole site.
If you think you have to stand in that booking list anyway: send a mail with a picture and a small biography including the parties you've been playing in. Send it to info@noctis.com but be ready to send a mix cd by post too.

Will Noctis turn on a dynamic site soon? (with city choice, style choice,
easy forms to fill, ...)?

Working on it, mate... finally it's the end of the tunnel. Yesssss! it'll be soon online. Dya like the spring? I do!
Thanks to Decimal (Undernet #bruxelles & #cityparade)
-nicolas Dec. 2002-

Why don't you do more lives from your radio?
Because I don't actually have any studio to invite my friends, and I have neighbours : )
But that way I can put some archives from my collection (from 1987 to 2002) and let it up for a few months.
-nicolas 2000-
Anyhow there's no radio anymore since the streaming company started to ask the listeners to subscribe. We stopped then. Keep an eye on it, we don't loose the bone for such tiny reasons. That'll be back soon.
-nicolas 2002-