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What and where? - Wat en waar? - Quoi et où?
* Noctis is volledig in het Nederlands bevaarbaar,
                     maar de inhoud van de bladzijdes blijft in het Engels alleen.
* Noctis est entièrement navigable en français
                     mais le contenu des pages reste en anglais simple.
* Noctis has a French, Flemish and English browsing,
                     but the content remains in English (as correctly as I can).

Noctis has 4 main divisions,
      you can browse over it with the navigation bar on top of page.

1. arrondi.gif (635 bytes)  Parties & Events:
                          all clubs, special parties & festivals (agenda), night bars.
2. arrondi.gif (219 bytes)  Night Services:
                          all about shops, links, weather, restaurants, deejays tools
3. arrondi.gif (173 bytes)  Night Magazine:
                          all texts, night news, live web radios & tv's, archives, ...
4. arrondi.gif (180 bytes)  About Us:
                          Yes, Nicolas does the Noctis content, but many friends participate and help
                              + brief history

Some easy tips:

The weekly clubs and weekly dancings stand in the Clubs List

a missing Club or Dancing here (it will be online after our validation).
   Club of Discotheek hier toevoegen .
   Ajouter ici un lieu hebdomadaire.

Only the special events with unique date and guests stand in the Agenda

a missing special date here.
   Fuif of evenement hier toevoegen.
   Ajouter ici une soirée ou un événement.

All other places stand in the lists of the Services division
a missing Night Bar, Restaurant, Shop, Erotic place, Night Shop, here.
   (it will be online after our validation).
   Restaurant, Winkel, Night Shop, hier toevoegen.
   Ajouter ici un Restau de nuit, un Magasin branché, un Night Shop,...

  Suggest a good link  to Noctis.com
   from the "Add a Link" form
   with the correct chosen category
   (club site, deejay site, funny site, site linking to Noctis, etc).
   Please, only night related websites.