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12 September 2013 - "The Sound of Belgium" at Cinema Aventure and Kinepolis
At Cinema-Aventure (bilingual subtitles Nl-Fr), every night at 10pm until Tuesday 29 Oct. 2013 (and maybe later but nobody knows)... a fantastic 90min documentary about the Belgian Nightlife from 1920 till 1994. Now also at Kinepolis Brussels.

From the oude boerenkermis to the electronic Boccaccio, from the Pop Corn to the Techno phenomenon. A-we-some and not-to-miss. Directed by Jozef Devillé... and believe me he did a brilliant work on that very sensitive case. (it's so easy to mess with the New Beat, but he did it soooo right).

Au cinéma Aventure (bxl centre) tous les soirs à 22h jusqu'au mardi 29/10: (ça c'est confirmé, après on ne sait pas: ils arrêteront quand il n'y aura plus de monde) "The Sound of Belgium" un bouillant documentaire de Jozef Devillé (StuBru & Dr Vynil).
Et maintenant aussi en projection au Kinepolis de Bruxelles. [Tweetalig interviews = tweetalig subtitles]

La version avec la voix-off en anglais est la meilleure, beaucoup plus d'humour! N'hésitez pas à le voir au ciné plutôt qu'en télé (la version francophone est très plate, trop RTL-style).

La surréaliste aventure d'un phénomène musical et identitaire qui a éclairé la Belgique entre 1986 et 1990.
Influencées par Chicago ou Cologne, par la Disco et Stockhauzen, par les sons post-industriels et par le déni du paysage commercial environnant, la New-Beat et l'Acid House ont changé toutes les perspectives de création sonore du nord de Lille au sud de s'Hertogenbosch... puis a rapidement rayonné dans toute l'Europe.

Oubliez les dérives commerciales du genre (Acid Grand Jojo, Soeur Sourire version boumboum, etc), elles n'en furent que l'anecdote collatérale. La réalité était tellement inattendue, tellement riche de dévoiements et d'irrévérence culturelle.

Une musique follement iconoclaste ... et donc qui se nourrissait d'icônes. Partons sur un paradoxe, et explorons.
Le Groove à la côte, le Pop Corn à Vresene (Sint-Niklaas), le Boccaccio à Destelbergen, la Gaîté à Bruxelles, le Fifty-Five à Kuurne, le Skyline, l'At The Villa, La Rocca à Lier, l'AB Antwerpen, le Komilfoo, le Balmoral, le Globe, le Cherry Moon, ... 4 fois que je l'ai vu, et je me prépare une cinquième. Hop!
by nicolas
08 October 2013 - Movie "The Sound of Belgium" on Canvas TV, next Sunday 13 Oct. at 22:05
Nuff said, everything is in the title! :) (the Canvas version will probably have Nederlands subtitles only) Belgium is THE party nation, the Northern Ibiza ... check it out on Canvas.
by nicolas
24 August 2013 - Show Nr 6: Roger Sanchez in a limousine @ Zolder SuperSonic
Truly, we did this in a limo, in the middle of the Zolder SuperSonic festival, with racing cars on the track all around us. Quite huge festival by the way! Roger Sanchez, the ruler of the Ibiza clubsound, the legendary remixer, in We Love House... interview and DJ mix. We Love House 6: Roger Sanchez
23 August 2013 - Show Nr 5: Green Velvet DJ mix at Tomorrowland 2012
(Nr 4 with Kenny Gonzales is not yet online.. coz we need to re-edit the whole show. It will come, for sure)

For that 5th edition we didn't broadcast any interview but an outstanding mix by Green Velvet (aka Cajmere in other worlds) recorded at Tomorrowland 2012 for We Love House. The show aired in August 2012 on FG Belgium (Antwerp and Brussels simultaneous FM cast). We love House: Green Velvet mix at Tomorrowland 2012 (and you have all the shows on the WeLoveHouse page)
22 August 2013 - Show Nr 3 ... Felix Da Housecat interview & mix
A very friendly show with Thee Cat, passing by Brussels in the summer of 2012. He stayed with us for 20 min, then moved to a party... and sent us a mix for you to get a serious radioshow. Here it is! We Love House: Felix Da Housecat interview & mix. (plus all the shows on the WeLoveHouse page)
21 August 2013 - Show Nr 2 ... Green Velvet interview and mix by Pleasurekraft
Yup, the shows are online on Soundcloud, free of course. To click this link, just go on the News page or click on "Read" at the end of this news. :) SHOW #2 Green Velvet & Pleasurekraft ... or check all the shows on the WeLoveHouse page (link at bottom of this post)
by nicolas
20 August 2013 - Our radioshows, finally available online :) Nr 1: Lil Louis & Eddie Amador
Now I prolly should apologise for my spoken English ... bah... we really had fun for a year :)

The shows took place on FG Belgium from April 2012 till April 2013... with DJ Pierre, Felix Da Housecat, Todd Terry, Green Velvet, Louie Vega, Roger Sanchez, Screamin' Rachael Caine, and many more... First show: April 2012 - SHOW #1: Lil Louis interview + Eddie Amador mix.
by nicolas
27 May 2013 - For a year we did the "We Love House" radioshow, on 106.5fm Brussels & 100.2fm Antwerp
It was on FG Radio for a year! Every month, interviews with Lil' Louis, Felix Da Housecat, Green Velvet, and music of course... Guess what? We were back on the air. Only once a month, on 106.5 fm in Brussels, and 100.2fm in Antwerp, each and every 4th Monday of the month, from April 2012 till April 2013.

A monthly show set up by (a.k.a. Youri) and presented & created by Nicolas Deckmyn (the hairy guy currently writing this article for you... and superhappy to do so), with interviews and exclusive mixes. At midnight? Yeh, of course! For many reasons:
1) we love the night, we wouldn't do it at 5pm.
2) it's a music of the night, it's a culture that was born at night.
3) in the nineties until 2001, my weekly radioshow with guest DJs ("Some like it House") aired on Monday nights at 23:30, and it was quite a great spot.
4) FG suggested a free slot at midnight... we took on it! :)

So, the mike was on again, featuring an interview of a legendary House Music pioneer and an exclusive mix by 100% international top DJs.

Previous shows:
- 30 Apr. 2012: Lil' Louis interview (Chicago-NYC) + mix by Eddie Amador (Los Angeles)
- 28 May 2012: Green Velvet/Cajmere interview (Chicago) + mix by Pleasurekraft
- 25 June 2012: Felix... then Roger Sanchez, Louie Vega, Screaming Rachael, Kenny Gonzales, DJ Pierre, ...

100.2fm in Antwerp, and 106.5fm in Brussels (the very same frequency as Radio Crystal had in 1994! We were back on 106.5fm... :) Everything is available (mp3 by soundcloud player) from (click on "media")
by nico :) happy
26 April 2012 - City Parade runs back to the roots: Liege, on 15 May 2012
After two years under control, as Brussels was twice a challenge in security and organization, City Parade needs its freedom back and walks back to the City of the Princes... its birthplace, Liège.

Remember the best issues? At parc d'Avroy, along the Meuse, at the place St Leonard, the large avenues, the people at the windows, the sun even (coz we got hope!), ... you got it. That's 2012 City Parade :)
by nico :)
20 April 2012 - Brussels will remain Libertine
That was so shocking, all of a sudden Libertine Supersport, one of the three main Brussels clubs, was vanishing into the night for no obvious reasons. We all wondered wtf?? then we all assumed it was about to be back ... anyhow. Lorenzo, Mickey, Rick, we missed them for more than 100 nights. Your guess was right, Libertine went back!

13th of April was the date, it was a huge gathering and a spicy time. Check the web, you'll find dozen of witness videos. :)

And where was the house that night? Awesome comeback to its original nest (while Libertine Supersport was living its first life as DirtyDancing club), the Cine Mirano (formerly known as Mirano Continental since the early '80s). Now situated on a newly inaugurated walking area (Madou+chaussee de Louvain), the Mirano could find there a new breathe, and come back on the scene, as the name itself was recently slipping on a very silent and errant way.

Ready for a second issue of the moving Libertine Supersport? And will it be at Mirano or somewhere else? Let's have a guess... and check often the LS website and the LS tweets.
by nico :)
07 March 2012 - Psychedelic-Rock night: 20 years after, Stratomic is back
Get a mad picture of 1969, and the real sound of the psychedelic clubs. A real sixties psychedelic lightshow and the deejays of the unexpected: Stel-R, Shazzula Nebula et Olivier Gilles (aka Gillax-o-Tron, the real one!) spinning records all night long. Stones? The Who? Brian Auger? The Kinks? The Doors? That's it!

(find a Stratomic selection there:
(listen to Stel-R:
(listen to Shazzula:

Back in 1990, a "Stratomic basement beat party" shook Brussels with a fantastic night, now legendary. In itself, that party seeded a generation of neo-hippie & Psychedelic-Rock events in Brussels during the nineties (Psyclotron, Butterfly, Guernica, ...).

Twenty years after... the original version jumps back to us, with coloured oils and psychedelic-rock DJs, at the Barrio (Caves de la Chapelle/Trapèze) on Saturday 10 March 2012.

Who's behind the Stratomic? Jean Malotras... that wont change and he keeps on spreading the right sound for all of us. :) (door: 7€, or 1€ for Stratomic vzw members) 6, place de la Chapelle/Kapelleplein - 1000 Brussels
by nico noctis
16 January 2012 - Punk's NOT dead! 'Please Kill Me @ Theatre 140'
24, 25, 26 & 27 Jan. 2012. English and French speaking, with 2 actors and 3 musicians live on stage. The REAL story of Punk Music, since its birth in USA in the late sixties.

I've seen this play in paris just a year ago, and it was one of my greatest experience in the last 5 to 10 years. Just not-to-miss.

Ticket: 8€ (-26yo) / 15€ (groups) / 18€

Official Press Release says: Un sale twist lourd. Le punk est arrivé sans s'annoncer. Par le Velvet, Patti Smith, MC5 ou Jim Morrison.
Un hippie, Morrison? Vous avez déjà lu ses paroles? Nan nan, un Punk déjà, avec ses dépressions effrayantes étalées sur 10 minutes, où il tue le père et baise tout ce qui bouge, lézard compris.

Le Punk c'est British, right? Nan nan, c'est venu des USA. Tout faux!

Bien rangés dans nos petits fauteuils doux, pouvons-nous vraiment comprendre ce qui s'est passé entre ... disons 1968 et 1978?
Une bonne gerbe salutaire. Stooges, Ramones, Cramps, MC5, Dead Kennedys, New York Dolls, Richard Hell surtout. Du gros son déchiré, déchirant. Des torses maigres, pâles, luisants de rage. D'énormes amplis.

Le Punk et la transformation par quelques brillants allumés de la médiocrité en art pur. Réflexe de sauvagerie pour une expression de la survie.
La seule vraie question: comment un univers aussi spontané et authentiquement furieux a pu lentement devenir une épingle à nourrice, une crête dans les cheveux, un bas résille déchiré? LET'S SEEK ANOTHER TRICK! A quelques morts et quelques overdoses près. Saloperie d'héro.
Mathieu Bauer a picoré dans le bottin mondain du vrai Punk des répliques, des morceaux de textes importants des années 1970-78.
Oui "Please, Kill Me" est un slogan de Richard Hell, et aussi un livre, un gros pavé crépitant de l'histoire du Punk, mais il fallait toute la compagnie Sentimental Bourreau pour réussir ce plongeon dans l'anus doux et plissé d'une musique en révolte.

Vous n'avez rien connu du Punk? Hop au 140! Vous connaissez tout du Punk? Allez vérifier. La seule crainte à avoir c'est d'en sortir transformés. A l'heure où on nous parle d'indignation, réapprendre la rage.

PS: dans les années 70', les New York Dolls ont fait trembler les murs du 140, comme Johnny Rotten avec son Public Image Limited, Père Ubu, Maureen Tucker du Velvet Undergroundles Talking Heads, ou la chanteuse Nico (sans le Velvet). C'est au 140, et ça a du sens.
by nico
06 January 2012 - Sad but true: Libertine Supersport stops :/
After more than 2 years aiming the best of Electro-House mixed with a fashionated touch by Lorenzo Serra (he's into nightlife since the late 1980's, and famous party organiser since then: Positive, Dirty Dancing, Libertine), its now official: Libertine Supersport club stops at K-Nal.

At this very moment, no one knows if it will come back somewhere else in the future.

Read Lorenzo Serra's communiqué:
"Chers LS friends, Je suis au regret de vous annoncer que samedi dernier, jour de l'an, avait lieu le dernier événement Libertine Supersport au K-NAL.

J'aimerais ici vous remercier tous, le public, la presse, les partenaires et toute l'équipe du LS, de nous avoir suivi avec tant d'enthousiasme depuis le 10 octobre 2009, date à laquelle 'a new club was born' in Brussels.

Nul doute qu'en deux ans et trois mois, nous avons vécu des moments intenses et qu'aucune nuit ne fut identique dans ce club que nous chérissons.

Libertine Supersport ne s'éteindra pas mais il est trop tôt aujourd'hui pour dire s'il y aura une suite à l'aventure.

Comme vous pouvez l'imaginer, je regrette cette situation car les LS dj's maison et moi-même faisons ce métier par passion.
En route pour de nouvelles aventures, je vous souhaite à tous une année 2012 super sportive et positivement libertine,

Lorenzo Serra
Libertine Supersport AD" will strongly miss LibSup, and we're looking forward for the new concepts by Lorenzo Serra. With hope and passion, music will always keep on groovin'.
by nicolas
06 May 2011 - City Parade 2011 goes to Brussels
update: There was just a short raincloud at 14:00, but now weather reports say DRY! :) City Parade bangs the area! Great news for the Capital of Europe: City Parade lands back in Brussels on saturday 27th august 2011. And it will be free again! No gates along the Parade, no walls... just the close center of Brussels (not the deepest center tho, there won't be much homes nor people dancing at the windows as in Liege, but that will probably come back somehow in the future). Starting from 13h00 with the opening party on a large area in front of the North trainstation, then dancing around 20 floats along the boulevard Albert II to the fields of Tour&Taxis, near the Port of Brussels. People will have to pay only for the "Closing Party" at Tour&Taxis with a massive line-up. Thus, after the oversecure Atomium experience of 2010... Claude unleashes City Parade in the streets again! Great :) Where? Boulevard Albert II laan, boulevard Simon Bolivar laan, quai de Willebroek kaai, avenue du Port / Havenlaan, parking Tour&Taxis When? Saturday 27 august 2011, Parade starts at 16h00, Closing party starts at 18h00. End at 2h00am. City Parade... "Better than ever"? Sounds promising!
by nicolas
08 June 2009 - City Parade 2009: LIEGE !
The City Parade will be back in Liège this year, on Sunday 13 September, and will be free from 12h to 00h. The subtitle is "Music For Peace!" and supports the effort against senseless violence. Furthermore: the afterparty at Palais des Congres is told to be benefit for Doctors Without Borders. That's the content of the official announcement by the City Parade crew, featuring Claude 'el divino' Van Cools.
A very good news for the birthplace of the unique Belgian electronic music parade, a city which is yearly expecting to hold the event in its genuine location.

Besides, it's obvious that each and every edition in Liège was a great success... so ... let's go for it!

Since a couple of years, City Parade is not only paying attention to rise up with a peaceful subtitle... but it also claims a loud message about the way we're treating the environment and the ways we could choose to change that matter of fact. That is probably the biggest evolution in the City Parade since it started back in 2001... as it never carried much spiritual message, nor consciousness concerns, until 2006. But since then it drives the masses under a BIG and positive "Peace and Love"... and in 2008 men could see giant screens behind the deejays, claiming the emergency for the planet and showing long concerned videos. That is something quite important, as it gave even more soul to the whole event, and filled a new duty: to inform the youth within a party place. How nice! :)

So... for the music or for the soulful ideas... for the show or for the feeling... for the sexiness or for the grooviness... for the fun or for the crowd... let's have a great Parade, once more in 2009!
by nicolas
04 June 2009 - TianAnMen on Noctis homepage? wtf!
20 years... 1989. Long time ago, right? But the story is still the same: uniforms attacking the youth!

In 1989 came up some sort of hope to get out of the dark politics of the 80s. During those years we almost only heard about missiles and retaliations. Finally, something was moving... and a few weeks later (summer 89) the wall was about to fall in Berlin. That wall was for 50 years the nightmare of Europe, splitting the city in two half, as a border was splitting Eastern and Western Europe. But since the early sunlights of 1989, while in Belgium we had the New-Beat and Acid House flowing over our nights, everybody felt a very new hope: freedom would finally reach two of the largest populations in the world: USSR (Russia and neighbors) and China.

Actually, about China... that was STRICTLY wonderful. From early April 1989, students started to have meetings on the Tian An Men square, having speeches about their needs for more democracy and less corrupted politics. They really didn't ask for any revolution, nor to change the Chinese system... no, they just asked for more consciousness and understanding in their government.
Later, many artists joined them... leading to magnificent nights, with silent marches holding the "Goddess of Democracy" (a giant statue created by art students) in front of Mao's portraits... and live music till the morning.
You could count thousands of young and smiley people there, maybe 10.000. Some wrote their requests on large papers sticked on public walls. That's the Dazibao.

I was just a kid... but that was SUPER IMPRESSIVE... as a sortof Woodstock was really happening there in China. The press was dramatically supporting them (a French magazine even sent a very big boat with AM and FM radio transmitters, to start a free radio from the seacoast), and everybody was... really (really!) surprised that the Chinese government did not kill everybody yet. (that was to come, but we started to dream it wouldn't happen) I was even thinking that the Chinese army would join them! (how naive i was... man)

Back in 1989, there was no internet... only the phone, the radio, the television, the fax (!!), and the press. So, friends and I, we started to fax some copies of Chinese texts about democracy to hundreds of selected phone numbers in China. Thats all we could do as kids in Europe, so we tried.

But hey... politics came back on the track, and ... you know the end of the story. The army ran on them.
Crushed bicycles. Crushed lives. Blood on the ground. No more music. No more freedom. And bullit in the head later for almost all those who escaped the massacre.

Now... why this story here on Noctis? I have 3 reasons:
1) the best parts of those demonstrations happened at NIGHT. And the massacre also started at night.
2) we HAVE democracy here in Europe. Ok, a weak one, a silly one... but we have it! USE your vote!
3) the spring of Tian An Men 1989 was the very single chance the Chinese people had to reach his freedom, and any quest for freedom should always be remembered

I know... it's not very breakbeatful, nor fun, housy or electronic. But i felt i had to share this here too.


(hereunder, a videolink to a very explicit testimony by an eyewitness in Beijing 1989)
by nicolas
08 May 2009 - fantastic festival House Torhout to be back?
Did you know that at first in the 80's, "Rock Werchter" festival was "Rock Torhout/Werchter"... with the same line-up (or very close) in both cities over two days? Well, at some point in the 90's, the management of "Torhout-Werchter" dropped Torhout and only kept the Werchter spot. And a couple of years later, Matthias Kerckhof... aka Mister Kozzmozz restarted a festival in Torhout on the very same field... as "House Torhout" could become one of the main electronic music festivals in Belgium. That was 2001 and 2002... two fantastic editions with (among many others) Stacy Pullen, Bob Sinclar, Felix da Housecat, Phuture, and even Tiestö when he wasn't a star-dj yet. Torhout turned to be a very eclectic festival, with Drum'n Bass, House, Techno, Trance, etc. Even a former manager of the Fuse club joined the team to make it stronger and bigger. But the financial competition with Clear Channel (aka Live Nation, owners of Werchter & I Love Techno) was wild and rough, and worse: you can never really trust the weather forecast in Belgium. Thus, after two years and two editions, House Torhout was totally bloodsucked and forced to stop.

Guess!! That might be back soon!

For the first time since 2002, rumors tell about a new edition of House Torhout. For 2010? For 2012? That's the remaining question... of which you'll find some partial answers on a new facebook-group started by some supporters since a few weeks to collect 15.000 signatures ... and sending a strong signal to Matthias 'Kozzmozz' Kerckhof.

On that Facebook, you'll find this: "Met deze groep willen we ook eventuele organisatoren bereiken die het zien zitten om een echt Vlaams zomerfestival op poten te zetten die de wei doen dansen als nooit tevoren.

Als we 15000 stemmen halen (het aantal bezoekers die geteld werd over 2 dagen HOUSE TORHOUT) moeten we toch een serieuze voorzet kunnen geven, een duidelijk signaal.
Dus muziekliefhebbers en partyanimals. Laat je stem gelden. Wij Belgen laten ons toch niet zomaar doen !!


Matthias apparently heard the call... as he mentionned it on Studio Brussel a couple of weeks ago. (listen his interview on StuBru here -mp3-, or check

LET'S GIVE OUR VOTES for Torhout to be back!
And check our ancient 2001 pictures HERE. :-)
by nico
27 April 2009 - Techno legend Derrick May ... 1st of May
Huge! That's huge! Not only that Psychogene is hopping back with the Made In Brussels club... but he's going to make it along with the planetary Techno pioneer Derrick May. The man from Detroit Michigan, the man from Transmat records, the very one out of the Bellville Three (aka Derrick May + Kevin Saunderson + Juan Atkins), the unexpected Techno sound from outer space.

Now what will you get? No doubt, a journey into wave Techno and contemporary emotions, blending sounds from the nature and genuine electronic classics, crossing the past to the future. Believe the legend, Mister May is an undefeated knight, in terms of spinning warm and heavy tunes.

Aside this supersized name you'll find both resident deejays of the MadeInBrussels club: Tim Berner and Psychogene... two of the main Techno names for Belgium.

That new "MadeInBrussels Life" will take place on a regular base at the SteelGate (formerly "House of Groove" and "Strong"), 52 rue des chartreux/karttuizerstraat. This special pre-opening edition will score the door at 12€ - but are you WILD enough to face this Techno sound?? :)
by nico
25 April 2009 - Boccaccio Destelbergen IS BACK for one night!
Check the very nice video shot on 30 Apr. 2009 by Gecko67 here.

You all know how Boccaccio has been a stepstone for New-Beat in Europe... and a legendary pillar of the Belgian nightlife. Ever since they changed their sound&lightshow in 1987, it turned to be one of the most advanced clubs in Europe... and it had Eric Beysens and Olivier Pieters as resident deejays, who were prolly the two first stars of the electronic music in this part of Europe.

Well... for just ONE night, Boccaccio will be back, on Thursday 30 April 2009!
With its original deejays (plus Jo, and some others).
Yes, the real one, with the real sound! Acid and New-Beat on Solariumdreef, in Destelbergen. Bring your SMILEYS and your Peace&Love signs!! This is a bit of history, and after 15 years of legal problems (they sold the name Boccaccio in 1994, so the new owner didn't want them to use it again) and 5 years as The Temple... the real stuff is back on the track.

You're 20 years old? You're 40 years old? Whatever... bring your soul and dance the Wash-The-Windows!!

Weeehaaaa! :)
And here's the link to the promotional video of that night:

Can U feel iiiiiiiit?! Message is IN the music.

Coz In the beginning there was Jack ... and Jack had a groove!
And from this groove came the grooves of all grooves.
And while one day viciously throwing down on his box,
Jack boldly declared "Let There Be House" and House music was born.
[chuck roberts, 1984]

You can read here my tribute article to the Boccaccio written in 2004 and up here since then.
by nico
08 November 2008 - free party in Grivegnee: Ocsa's birthday
Free OCSA B-DAY ... Grime, Electro, Exp, DnB, ...
with Giro, nell, Sam silva, bioxyd, mister j, OCSA, Deefaze, Locan & Micmac, Freeman, Alf, Deleete, & Despair mc

salle du Bois de Breux, 653 rue de Herve -- Grivegnee
INFO : TEC line 10. FREE!
by nico
04 November 2008 - One City, One Party: FM Brussel
On 10 November: FM Brussel warms it up with a massive night. All the party concepts of Brussels united at once.
One city, one party: "FM Brussel Tonight".
With: Pierre (fuse), Cosy Mozzy (dirty dancing), Geoffroy (flesh), Steph X (dali's), lady jane (cat club), down jones, darko (statik dancing), onda sonora, dj dump, kong & cortez, fhilz & plastic soul (nemo), rim-k and l-fêtes.

Order you tickets in presale!! Time is running!
One City, One Party @ Fuse.
by nico vs FMB website
30 October 2008 - Squarepusher ... a massive qkghvbxkqzzrgh at the Vooruit !
Uh! Oh! People... Squarepusher is finally coming in concert! On November 30.
Let's rewind a bit: 1994... a weird time. Electronic Music was obviously staying and growing. There was no more critics about how short-term-fashionated it was, as there was not only House and Acid House since 1986, but Techno since 1988, the european Hard-Tech, the massive Chill-Out&Ambient style since 1989, and the new Trance coming up since 1993-94.

But, something new was coming up from the Hashes of the band KLF, the British band who produced the two first official Chill-Out albums. That new music style, very cool and with softer rythms, pushed up bands like Orbital, The Orb, Irresistible Force, Future Sound of London, and soon many experimental pioneers joined in... as Aphex Twin did with his "Selected Ambient Works".

Aha! There we are: a new genre with no name... gathering names such as Scanner, Aphex, Autechre, Red Snapper, quite all the Warp record label, all the Rephlex label too, of course Acid Kirk (Cedric Stevens) and Seal Phüric in Belgium, and... and... (*drumroll*) Squarepusher!
They opened the gates for hundreds of bands and music labels until today, and they all created the sounds which now are totally classic.
Would there be any Breakcore without them all? Would Dubstep and Drum'n Bass sound the same? Maybe... but allow me here to whisper a tiny doubt. So, in 1995 they named it Electronica in some recordshops... IDM in some others (as in Intelligent Dance Music)... but all those names have their own controversies. Just remain the artist names, the music legends, and among them, since 1995: Squarepusher (Tom Jenkinson), who just launched his new album "Just A Souvenir" on Warp Records at the end of October 2008.

So what? Woot? Squarepusher will come in Belgium on 30th of November 2008? And then only in Paris? Wow... where? At Vooruit!
What's the damage? 21€, or 18,5€ on presale.

The Vooruit websites says: "Rumor has it that he’ll be bringing a drummer, and that there will be LED screens on stage." That might be a great visual show, but the legend is in the sound anyways. NOT to MISS!
by nico
25 October 2008 - Montini ... demolition for a supermarket?
Wow... now that's quite unusual, as a quite important clubname will definitely vanish this Saturday 25th of October: the Montini. And for what? A supermarket. Ok... that's just life... clubs come and go. But Montini was a serious pillar for the new Belgian Hard-Techno coming up on Bonzai records and Dance Opera from 1992. People like TCFly, Frankie Jones, Frank Struyf (Frank Zolex), and dozen of deejays based their starting careers from the recognition of the "Rave Zone Montini".

At first in 1992 it was both Monty and Montini, neighbour clubs. But then, with the support of the free monthly magazine Out Soon and the madness of a heavy crowd each and every open night, it quickly turned to be one of the three or four main national clubs.
Considered underground by the people unused to Techno, considered very commercial by the Techno specialists, Montini was the symbol of the beginning of the "Jump" style... quite close to Gabber, but it was not... quite close to Trance, but it was not... it was... well, some named it Hard-Techno but it wasn't exactly. Nor was it Acid.
US citizens often name it Eurodance, but it was a bit more underground. So... let's not name it, it was a blend of all that kind, and it had a very strong identity in Belgium from 1992 till 1996-97.
Even the legendary Brussels underground Acid Techno crew "BWP" went to play a live Acid performance there in 1994 (which was then quite of a hot scoop. you can find some copies of it on the internet).
The hot spot was the moving DJ-booth... haha... now that was fun for the public but really not for the deejay. The DJ desk was build-up in an actual UFO moving back and forward over the crowd, and the whole thing was very uncomfortable for the DJs. But yeh, it was quite fun to see when the music was going really high.

Now what? They say everywhere that it's gonna be demolished, destroyed, flattened, after a LAST party on 25th of October 2008 with all the genuine residents of the Rave Zone Montini:
Jones & Stephenson (oldschool style), Franky Jones, Bountyhunter, Frank Zolex, Deg, Tc Brain, Redhead, G-Force, and the burning and no-less legendary Tofke.

It's the last opportunity to see what Montini was... since 30 years, and since it turned on Electronic Music. Then, this is what you could read last summer in Het Belang Van Limburg: "Aan de rotonde in Ordingen, op het terrein van dancing Montini, prijkt binnen afzienbare tijd mogelijk een supermarkt. Kandidaat-koper is Carrefour, voor de inplanting van een supermarkt van 1.094 vierkante meter." hbvl-JCr"

If you need even more for your curiosity, anyone can read this comment on the official Montini myspace, dated 21 Oct 2007, apparently written by someone close to the club owner (he signed P.), and that comment says: "hi clubbers , Montini is closed for a few weeks for a reorganisation. Maybe the boss don't know what he wants to do with it! He's getting older :-) And the man who hold high places... closer to the heart ! [...]"

Nothing more to say, one year later it seems that he took a decision.
by nico
20 October 2008 - Jeff Mills in full Fuse effects: 25 oct
When such a legend grew up from the roots of Chicago and Detroit and kept on spinning music since about 24 years, there's always a touch of history when it finally comes back to us. As Jeff Mills was one of the creators of the Techno phenomenon as we know it since the early nineties, he already was an astonishing Hip-Hop deejay in 1984 as "The Wizard"... when he mixed it up weekly on a local radio broadcast. A couple of years later he founded the Underground Resistance equally with Mike Banks and Robert Hood, representing the most respectable and ethical side of the House and Acid House... soon to become the Techno.

But once again his way was somewhere else, on another road... another Axis. So was the name of his own label that he launched in the first years of the nineteen-nineties. Guest in Belgium in the first massive "Rave Explosion" parties, he also came many times as guest from 1992 at the Cherry Moon, and went to be several times a year at the Fuse club from its opening in 1994 until today.

In the meantime, mister Mills produced tons of singles and albums, permanently recreating what Techno has at its deepest core. He even worked with a symphonic orchestra in France for some successful and unexpected sessions. The least we can say is that he has a strong Vision ... a philosophy ... and somewhere something rude that makes him untouchable.

He is one of the very few of which we can say "he IS the Techno music". Thus, if you want to see a living legend, and have a serious piece of kickass beats in a club (and not in a giant festival) ... run at Fuse this saturday 25 Oct 2008.
by nico
19 October 2008 - Online vinyls?
Ok ok... we'll refresh the current vinyl shops list very soon, but there's still many! Of course USA Import in Antwerpen (St Jacobsmarkt) and Music Man/Dance Solution in Gent (Steendam)... but many other in Belgium (at least two in Liege). And of course, the second-hand records are the new hype for younger deejays... as well as the growth of the MP3 mix since 2001. (we'll talk about that soon)

But there are the online shops too!
As Music Man has:
And USA Import too:
Or Cyclone in Moeskroen/Mouscron:
and another Belgian online vinyl shop in Turnhout:

The legendary Clone in Rotterdam:

And we can also list as very interesting:

by nico
18 October 2008 - Grooverider Free, and back on BBC!
Most of you probably know about the serious and bad episode that Grooverider had on his way back from Dubai, last winter. In November 2007, he's been booked for a gig in Dubai... played it... took his bags and went to take his plane back to London. But the customs searched him ... with attention... and finally found some washed cannabis dust at the bottom of a pocket. That for, Grooverider has been arrested and sentenced four years (4 years!!). He's been transferred to a prison, and actually did 10 months before a large pardon made many prisoners free on the first days of September 2008.

Conclusion 1: if you ever go to Dubai, you must know that they're even looking for lost dust, even only traces in the blood (if they suspect it). Beeing sentenced 4 years could happen to anyone who has a friend smoking cannabis in the same room (not even smoking himself). As 0,002gr is the official line not to reach. Be warned.

Conclusion 2: Grooverider is free, back in UK since the 4th of September, and will be back on the air on Saturday 18th of October at night ... 02:00am (thus, actually, Sunday morning at 2am in Belgium, 1am in London) on BBC Radio 1!
He ... is ... back!

Listen live (mp3 stream) on the web from the Fabio&Grooverider radioshow page ... link here under.
The show will then be available for 6 days in Realaudio format, from the same page.
by nico
18 October 2008 - Don't believe the sleepers!
As usual, there's many people who want to claim that "nightlife is over". Heh... but who could believe so? It changes, indeed... It evolves/moves, it has positive collisions, it changes color or of rhythm of breathing, but in its chest remains the reflex of the party, the return to a real human crowd flooded by the musics of the present. So it goes on... and on... and on. At Der Machine or Silo in Leuven, at Noxx and Cafe d'Anvers or Cafe Capital in Antwerp, at the Caves de Cornillons in Liege, at Fuse and Bulex, Kultuurkaffe or DirtyDancing in Brussels... so many independent parties! So many Electro! So many Rock bands! So many Psytrance! So many extraordinary Reggae soundsystems! So many clubs! So many DJ-bars!

Btw, as in more and more of our cities, the dj-bars in Mons/Bergen must close at 3:30am ... which is bit of unfair, and proves that the freedom to party has -sometimes- very short limits.

Now it's a proven fact: Freedom only dies if we stop using it. Want more freedom for your future in this world? :-) Let's dance!

by nico
17 October 2008 - time to move up ... time to write down
Hell yeh, it's been a long time since we dropped some lines in the news. Why? Well... a blend of many things, as usual... as life can be.

Work of course, which came all at once, since I joined SMart vzw/asbl (the association for artists) for their web side.

But maybe also because we felt quite sour when we figured the Brussels public transports company just copied our name to create their night lines a couple of years ago. At first we felt ... bad. The feeling of your name beeing stolen is something hard to move over.

Or was it because our two cameras vanished from our bag while some of us were in the mix, deejaying in a party. (omg I was so pissed off, and so sorry for Gwreg)

Or even because ** privacy and blablabla :) **.
But now... well... basta. Our nights will survive anything. Our addiction to party won't stop. So why would we stop

We won't. :-)
(or, believe me, i'll do all my best to reactivate each and every page, one by one, week per week)

Let's go for more.

(please all visitors, all supporters, thanks for beeing still there... 14 years after. I hope you will accept all my apologises for the recent silence. nico)

by Nicolas
24 June 2007 - 8 Sept 2007: City Parade is coming anyway!!
Everybody know about this biggest Belgian event, gathering 200 to 400.000 party people on music, dance and friendliness, since 2001. And it was announced since July 2006, after Gent, Liege and Charleroi, the City Parade would set in Antwerp for two years, 2007 and 2008. But in the meantime came the elections. Two Belgian elections even, which globally gave the power in Flandria to the conservative right-wing (which precisely doesn't give support to the youth creativity and new cultures). Thus, after a weak and late refusal, the City of Antwerpen finally cancelled the agreement and refused the City Parade to walk its boulevards in the first days of July. Did that mean that the staff surrended? No... devastated by the decision, they tried at the latest minute to find another deal with the City of Brussels. The date was then supposed to move to the 8th of September. But Brussels gave a negative answer too (which is less of a surprise, since the request came later).

Finally, after many options, City Parade comes to MONS / BERGEN !! And Amnesty International joins the event to spread it's cause over youth under a common "Make Love Not War" flag. This could be the very year where global solidarity will link to modern clubbing.

A new accoustic gathering for hundred thousands party kids... Saturday 8 September... in Mons/Bergen !
by Nicolas
21 March 2007 - Nuit Blanche Brussels ... open projects!
It's back again as every year... Nuit Blanche calls for your projects! Nuit Blanche returns in late September (sometimes early October). It aims to give a support to any form of the urban creativity, to enlight the diversity of the City, to turn the public areas into wide open creations by many artists and brussels associations."

Thus... crazy parties in weird venues, unexpected exhibitions everywhere in the streets, unusual tours and visits, extensive and spectacular terraces, etc from 10pm till 6am, ending on a breakfast, or a soup at the Jeu de Balle.

This year, the 2007 theme is: *The 7 Sins of the Capital*
The gamefield: the City of Brussels, the inner pentagon, the "canal", public spaces, unexpected locations (dare! suggest! imagine! nothing to loose, we'll see what they answer), etc.

They're waiting for your ideas, suggestions and projects.(artistic, cultural , fun, party, etc.) BEFORE 30 MARCH 07. A few days remain!!

Contact & info:

by nico
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