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28 August 2006 - Last Gazon new date! Friday 1st of Sept!
The last gazon was supposed to come on the 14th of August at Brussel-Baden / Bruxelles-les-Bains, but has been cancelled, then delayed... but now it's official: It's at the 50naire Parc on Friday 1st of September. (metro Merode)

So, after four editions (at Royal Parc of Brussels, then in the garden of the Finance Tower, and at the Atomium) the legendary Summer open-air free parties will find their last venue until 2007. We guess that it was hard to get more dates in public places right before the coming elections in October, but let's hope that once this will have been done we'll recover the genuine weekly Gazon, as it was in 2005.

Anyways ... once again it's been a fantastic year in the parcs of Brussels... and the artists schedule for the Cinquantenaire edition next Friday is awesome! Check their website for more informations
by Nicolas
24 June 2006 - Ellektra DVD release party

CINEMATIC CLUBBING gives VJ-show with highlights of the shows it did for Biënnale Venice, Paradiso Amsterdam, Vooruit Ghent, Beursschouwburg & Recyclart Brussels. The party will be attended by people active in the film and entertainment industry. The event launches the DVD of Ellektra, a film CosmoKino made with Axelle Red and others. The show starts at 10PM, everybody welcome at Atelier 210, Ch. St-Pierre 210, 1040 Etterbeek.
by rudolf mestdagh
31 May 2006 - I Love Kraftwerk 2006
The 2006 edition of I Love Techno will be graphically very Manga, and will fall on Saturday 21 October at Flanders Expo in Gent. A bit earlier than usual... but with the creators of the Electronic Dance Music: Kraftwerk live ... the legendary German robotic quartet, producing the greatest electric and electronic music since 1972. They gave a soul to the computer by treating it just as any other instrument: a tool to express our world.
Autobahn, Radioactivity, We are the robots, Pocket Calculator, Electric Cafe ... all those classics which underlined the nightlife since 30 years, giving a nest to the Techno music in the late 80's.

Also part of the game: Radio Soulwax ... also known as 2 Many DJs (aka the Flying Dewaele Brothers), a wild duet by dj Rush (Chicago) and dj Bold (Australia), Motor (Fr), the bright German Electro-House duet Tiefschwarz, Pet Duo (Brasil) and Technasia presenting their new record "Popsoda".
43 Euros + shop fee ... presales will start on 3 June 2006.
by Nico
16 May 2006 - Jazz Marathon in Brussels
Jazz is back again in Brussels for this week-end, 19-20-21 May ... outdoor and indoor, with hundreds of Jazz concerts as well on the Grand'Place as in the streets (Sablon/Zavel - Ste Catherine/St Kathelijne, F.Cocq), and of course in all bars and usual Jazzy venues (Novo, Music Village, Beursschouwburg, Sounds Jazzclub, Ultime Atome, ...).

Anything outdoor is free, and there will be 2 Free Bus lines running around the centre (inner-ring, downtown) and around the southern uptown (Ixelles/Elsene, etc), from 22:00 until 03:00 in the morning.
Expect about 10.000 to 20.000 people walking freely in the musical streets ... don't miss that fun! :-)

Most concerts end around 23:00, but everything goes on in the bars and venues until late at night ... Jazz or not Jazz.
by Nico
05 May 2006 - God is a DJ ...
We knew it... but now we can state it: check this video! :-)
We love it so much we couldn't keep that link for us.
Cool breakbeats and life facts... tune your life!! That's what its all about ... to find the right frequencies of our life and create a global harmony.

by Nico
12 April 2006 - Thanks !
73.579 party people visited in March 2006 (unique ip's)! About 2500 per day. Thanks to everyone! We keep on working to provide you the best spots, the right info, and a reliable party agenda.
Missing parties? Help us! Fill it in the easy form "add a party". :-)
by Nico
02 April 2006 - DnB wizards: Concord Dawn back on April 8
Some things are meant to be! After the British 'High Contrast' last Saturday, Structure Beton in Brussels welcomes the new generation of Drum'n Bass: Concord Dawn, the new magic from New-Zealand.

After four albums, Concord Dawn recoded Drum'n Bass to their own blend of genuine Drum rythms with Rock and Trance inputs. The only DnB band musically referring to Killing Joke, Depeche Mode, Biosphere or Future Sound of London ... aiming to a new style in itself, sharing a language with its public as they recently did in Amsterdam.

They also easily manage a more classic way to create their tracks, but their identity clearly stands in their major tunes, such as 'Cloud City' in 2001, 'Morning Light' in 2002, instantly followed by the major 'Be There 4 U' and announcing their third LP. Then came 'Take Me Away' (with a voice... jee... the voice... of an angel), and the rough 'Don't Tell Me' featuring lyrics by the rapper Tiki (aka the British MC Rizla). Those three records really drove them worldwide and attracted a massive attention to the release of their new album in March 2006: 'Chaos by Design' ... already featuring the major hit 'Broken Eyes'. But they didn't stay at home waiting for the magic to happen, they're touring the world and featured in many major festivals since 2004. That's how they earned their fearsome reputation of showmen.

They also produced numerous tracks on worldwide labels such as Hospital Recordings, Timeless rec, Renegade Hardware, Moving Shadow, DSCI4 rec and Commercial Suicide, as well as up and coming labels including Freak or Heavy Rotation.

Concord Dawn is: Matt Harvey (aka Matty C) and Evan Short (aka Kiljoy).
The duo have been musicians and friends since they met at school at the age of 11... they did many projects in between, but their first Drum'n Bass album as Concord Dawn has been released in 2000 on the label Kog-Transmissions. Then came Disturbance in 2001, Uprising in 2003, and their new CD 'Chaos by Design' released in March 2006 on their own label Uprising records.

Listen to our 5 Concord Dawn samples: 6 minutes
feat. 'Cloud city', 'Morning light', 'I'll be there 4 U', 'Don't tell me', 'Take me away', and 'Broken Eyes' on BBC Radio 1.

Saturday 8 April 2006 at Structure Beton
also with DeeFaze, O.csa, Philtamine, Jacky Murda, D Bumper
78 Vilvoordelaan - 1030 Brussels (nearby the Van Praet bridge & the Schaarbeek trainstation)

If you want to see the video of "Morning Light" check here:
by Nicolas Deckmyn
30 March 2006 - City Parade in Charleroi?
At first the City Parade 2006 was to be expected in Liege again, but the organiser Claude 'El Divino' was still thinking about Antwerp and Brussels as side options. So... what happened? Well, primarily it's been decided during the winter that the Parade would run every 2 years in Flandria and every 2 years in Wallonia ... which means that the 2007 edition could be in Antwerp (some whisper about Hasselt too). Then the Liege City Authorities recently showed less enthousiasm to host our famous popular gathering (mostly for political reasons), and Brussels always has all the attentions yet from many festivals and events.

That's how Claude went to consider Charleroi as a new foundation for the City Parade 2006 ... which is a fantastic idea, opening new horizons to that city full of party kids! Charleroi has the Coliseum back since almost a year, it has the Klank events, the Fantomas parties, plenty of party-bars, more and more events every month, more deejays, more creations. This will be the time to celebrate the awakening of the party-youth in Charleroi!

Now of course, there are still some details to fix and some small troubles to avoid (with the shops, the road traffic, etc), but according to some friends at Charleroi City Hall everything is on the best way to be signed and confirmed.
Thus... get ready for the Saturday 24 June in Charleroi! (and most likely in Antwerp for 23 June 2007)
by Nicolas Deckmyn
28 March 2006 - Mister Fingers in Belgium !
There is no discussion about it, Mister Fingers is one of the leading name when it's about the history of House Music in Chicago since 1986. Now everyone use the word legend for anything, so ... let's say ... 20 years ago, he gave a modern soul to House Music by making it melancholic, emotional and abstract. When most others were searching for the kick and the energy, he was diving into the sound to bring us seawaves of synthetisers and curved basslines.

Mister Fingers, also known as Fingers Inc., and officially known as Larry Heard. Ask any serious dj anywhere on the planet and he will tell you how big has been Mr Fingers influence on all modern dance musics, since he opened the gates for the Wave Techno (Carl Craig, Kenny Larkin) and the whole ChillOut phenomenon which grew up later in the 90's ... leading to the smoothest Drum'n Bass by LTJ Bukem, the or the recent smooth House works by St-Germain.

He wasn't chasing the fame, he was chasing the music and its message. And he owned it big time. In 3 years he recreated the definition of House in his works with the famous House singer Robert Owens. Name here the titles published on DJ International records and Trax records: 'Distant Planet', 'Bring Down The Walls', 'Mystery of Love', 'Beyond the Clouds', 'Your Mine', 'Washing Machine', and many many more, featuring of course the planetary hit 'Can U Feel It' with the infamous "Let There Be House" speech by Chuck Roberts.

But hey... Larry Heard never stopped the music. 16 albums since 1990... on the biggest labels such as Virgin, Capitol, MCA or Mercury. He produced a lot of themes for tv and radio broadcasts too, thus he never left the scene. But the scene itself has probably been a bit too rough for some years, and forgot a bit too fast who gave us the real House Sound of Chicago. Now is the time to celebrate... because he is FINALLY coming in Europe, and guess what? In Belgium! Gent, Sunday the 9 April, in the afternoon at Charlatan (Vlasmarkt). A rendez-vous you cannot afford to miss... a meeting with the music itself.

Listen to our 1986 shortcuts of the tracks by Mr Fingers aka Larry Heard: 7 minutes including 'Distant Planet', 'Can U Feel It', 'Beyond The Clouds', 'Mystery of Love', 'Your Mine'...

Official website:
Complete discography:

by Nicolas Deckmyn
22 February 2006 - New Pictures
at: MuziekPublique Bal - Cafe Aman -Therapy sessions Rotterdam - Bulex - Yeah! - Psyclo-beurs - Hydra Session 6 - Mad Club - Stealth Bombers 4 - 2 Years Full Dawa - Bankizz free party - Drum'n Bass is Not a Crime - Forest Tales Psytrance - I Love Techno - Skwattus Dei - ... all on the Party Pictures page, in the Magazine division.
by Nico Noctis
27 January 2006 - Smokers remain admitted at night
The Royal Decree which will regulate the use of the tobacco in the bars, pubs and restaurants has been published mid-december in the Belgian Monitor and will come into force as of January 1, 2007.

But what does it say about our nightlife venues?

Actually... the bars will be allowed to remain smokers-admitted, or at least those who will send their request for a special exemption. To get that exemption from Afsca (Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain), and in case they serve food too, they will have to be limited to snacks only.
Exemption will also be needed for the snackbars & fritkots. However these 'smokers-admitted' places will have to conform to the current law: smoke-extractors and nonsmokers-zone.

At this score, the clubs, discotheques and independent-dance-parties will remain smokers-allowed after 2007.
by Nico from press samples
26 January 2006 - Is your name on the flyer?
Grooverider starts a new campain to save the parties from overwhelming mc's ... because it seems there's so many mc's in London that some of them try to takeover the microphone in more and more parties, to finally impose a real bad and annoying job. It's sometimes true in Belgium too... everyone saw that at least once in a Drum'n Bass or a Dancehall party.

So... in his radioshow on BBC Radio 1 in early January, Grooverider stated: "Because there's a few mc's bulling the people on the mikes... which is absolutely hilarious to somebody like me... Now, the problem is: for me, if your name is not on the flyer, you shouldn't be on the mike!
It's as simple as that!
So I need to start a new campain! It's called:
"Was Your Name on the Flyer?"
I need you to write in to me, or even email me and tell me who crashed your party. Who's name wasn't on the flyer, who ran on the mike, and crashed your party. On they'll give you all the info on how to get me. Who's name that wasn't on the flyer??" he asked.

Guess his message was not meant to bring him Belgian messages (especially those mentionning mc's that he never ever heard of), but the deep core of his campain is something we should consider.

by Nicolas (from bbc show)
26 January 2006 - dj System-D recovers ...
If you were at Hydra Session you probably wondered 'where is System-D??' ... actually he was at the hospital after a huge and baaad car crash. He's been severely injuried (broken iliac, and some more troubles) and will have to care about that for some weeks... maybe even a couple of months, but fortunately !!!! he is still alive and will kick his awesome riddims soon again on our dancefloors.

Formerly a hip-hop dj, System-D was known for spinning Drum'n Bass since 1996 when he started his weekly radioshow "Jungle Pressure" over Brussels. Then it never really stopped, from the numerous radioshows where he performed all over Belgium, to the weekly parties in the smallest caves and in the hypest clubs. In 98-99 he was part of almost all Boups parties, then took place around year 2000 in the powerful Inside events alongside the biggest UK names. Since then he's been invited many times in foreign countries, including a gig in Liverpool, and now spins in all the major Drum'n Bass events around, including his own 'Volume' organisation (which headlined Pendulum a few months ago in Brussels).
By the way he also released an EP on Intercom rec in 2004, the E-Z Rollers imprint "Here's The Power" / "Odysseus".

If you're a System-D supporter, visit his website and send him a message! He needs it right now.
If you just discover him now... take your time and surf his web to figure how high he already stands.
by Nicolas Deckmyn
18 January 2006 - African rap reaches Turnhout and Antwerp
Get a rare opportunity to catch some African rap in Turnhout and Antwerp soon at a special projection of the documentary "Mzansi" by Bart van Dijck. The film tracks the dark but fascinating sub-cultures of Africa's townships, giving the expression Gangsta Paradise a whole new meaning. The film will be followed by a show from Waddy Jones and performances from DJ/VJ Neon Demon and MC Spoek Mathambo. Dates: January 27 & 28. Details in link.
by michael
14 January 2006 - Thank you ! had 67.809 visitors in December 2005. So much thanks for your choice, your trust, and your supports! With faith in the night.
by Nicolas 'Noctis' Deckmyn
12 January 2006 - Juan Atkins & Kraftwerk for Award?
Juan Atkins is one of the very few originators of U.S. Electro music in 1981, and he is the man that triggered the birth of Techno music in the late 80's. Teaching the meaning of electronic sounds to Kevin Saunderson and Derrick May, and influencing the whole new scene in Detroit.
Well, Juan Atkins has been nominated for a Grammy Award as one of the writers of the song "Lose Control" now featuring Missy Elliot. This is the first time in 20 years that the Godfather of Techno finally has a chance to reach his trone. Despites Missy Elliott declared in the press that she did not know who Juan Atkins was. Which is quite a shock to us.

If you think you don't know Juan Atkins, then try to find "No UFO", "Clear", or any track by Model 500, Cybotron, or Channel One. It will immediately match your best party memories.

Of course Juan Atkins is not alone in the competition ... 50Cent "Candy Shop", The Black Eyed Peas, and "Hate it or Love it" by The Game.

In another category (Electronic/Dance) we can find Kraftwerk! So this should be the year of the electronic pioneers. Alongside the German leaders, one can find the Chemical Brothers, LCD Soundsystem, Fatboy Slim and Daft Punk.

complete list of nominated artists at:
by Nicolas
24 December 2005 - Cherry Moon won't rise again!
Definitive Closing Night !!

Whoot whut what??? Yeh, you probably heard it as I did... Cherry Moon in Lokeren is about to close its doors after a last Retro Tech party! It's been a large club for about 20 years, along the Gentsesteenweg, between Antwerp and Gent. And, right in 1990, it turned to be one of the few true new-electronic clubs playing the early House and Tech that used to set the dancefloors on fire back in those years.
In 1991 it even was sortof the precious afterparty spot for the regulars at, then nationally leading, Café d'Anvers. The resident deejay at Cherry Moon was then Yves Deruyter. Let's check the facts: Yves did 50% of the Cherry Moon national recognition. From 1992 to 1997; Cherry Moon saw the rise of Yves' name, while also hosting major organisations such as "Rave Explosion" or "House Party" ... thus their guests such as Jeff Mills (Chicago), Derrick May (Detroit), Dave Angel (UK), Blake Baxter (Detroit), Stacey Pullen (Detroit), Moby, and dozens of other big Techno stars.

And believe it or not, Cherry Moon has been the FIRST place in Belgium where a Drum'n Bass party (Jungle then) has been organised in 1994 with UK rough RaggaJungle by DJ Saint Nick in a "Sheevah Party". There was only a few people in the hall, but it truly happened.

But slowly Cherry Moon turned more and more on Progressive Trance and Harder Techno, with new residents as Youri and Ghost. It attracted a new generation of clubbers and ran a new seven years more with a new lunar decoration. But it slowly lost the connection with the worldwide electronic scene, doing more and more "birthday parties" or local themes nights ... instead of hosting the new breed.

Now it seems the management decided to take a break on electronic music and to entirely change the concept. Thus, yes, you're reading well: Cherry Moon will close its doors on next 31 December, New Years Night... with Robert Armani the Tech Massive from Chicago.
And a special party on 24 December will shake ultimately with the original resident deejay: Yves Deruyter!

After that? Probably a new Dance & R'n B Funky club with a new deco and a new management. No Cherry Moon anymore!

End of a legend! In 2025 you'll pretend you've been there ... so, it's probably better to truly GO!
by Nicolas (deep thx to Florence
24 December 2005 - La Gaîté would be back??
La Gaîté was a legendary club in the centre of Brussels back in the 80's. In 1987 it's been one of the nests of New-Beat, with Fifty-Five in Kuurne, AB in Antwerp, Boccaccio in Destelbergen/Gent, Skyline nearby Tournai or Vizio in Zellik.

The Saturdays were awesome, with the same deejay as in the Boccaccio's Sunday: Eric Beysens. But Eric left, and the club tried to change.
So, the club closed towards 1989, and in 1991 it has been sold to a big recordshop company (which turned it into a stupid usual shop, crushing or throwing all the left material).
Now it's the big shop itself (in the meantime sold to another sport-shop) which definitely closed...

And a strong rumor currently runs about someone who possibly COULD buy it to give it back its nightlife soul!

Nothing has been signed yet, but there's hope again for La Gaité.
More about it here very soon!

by Nicolas
24 December 2005 - Jeux d'Hiver Open again
The Brussels club Jeux d'Hiver opened its doors again last Thursday 22 December, after beeing shut for two weeks by a spectacular fire which had destroyed the side-restaurant of the club two weeks ago.
Thus, basically, besides these two weeks of full silence in the club and full noise in the press, nothing important actually happened. The music started again, the public is back, the bouncers behave like they are the actual managers, and the wood around still stands up.
by Nico
13 December 2005 - Belgians Dance on Duets!
One could already count with our infamous Flying Dewaele Brothers, better known as 2 Many DJ's and as Soulwax, which currently are the planetary masters in terms of bootlegs (when it's about pasting two classics together, as they did with Nirvana and Destiny's Child, among many others) and most demanded Belgian artists alongside another duet: Junior Jack and Kid Creme, these rising on the House scene by collecting a huge serie of chart-hitting tracks since many years (such as Stupidisco, E Samba, Together, or At Night remix).

Both bipolar crews are leading the Dance scene by permanently touring the world...
And now it's time to add another duet: the nationaly known Mo & Benoelie, worldwide known as The Glimmers.

Everyone in Belgium know how they drove their own way into the night, from small parties in Ghent and Antwerp around 1989 ... or actually not that small... (who could forget AB, or their mixes at Fifty Five in Kuurne), to the jazzy Trip-Hop times in the early 90's (remember Free The Funk at Vooruit? or the free podiums at the Gentsefeesten?), to the surrealistic Eskimo Parties in the factory on Wiedauwkaai in the late 90's, or the Kozzmozz parties on the boat, then the BelMondo nights at SMAK Museum ... and finally that steady weekly residency at Culture Club since it opened in 2003 (every Saturday on Afrikalaan 174 in Ghent).

But that's only for Belgium ... because, thanks to their music productions, their recognition crossed the oceans and took them to hold the decks at the Manumission 2005 in Ibiza, at the closing night of the Space also in Ibiza, and... in Japan! Also South America, Russian Federation, etc etc... The Glimmers are not just *going to be* worldwide, they actually already are.

Now watch this: they both create and remix tracks since years on many major labels (Universal, Warner Bros, and Eskimo of course) ... Mylo has been glimmered twice! As well as Whitey, Grand National or even the Depeche Mode's "Krafty" which sticked to the UK top charts for weeks in 2005.
Not to mention their compilations on DJ Kicks (Studio K7!) and Eskimo recordings.

So ... 2 Many DJ's/Soulwax, Junior Jack & Kid Creme, Mo & Benoelie/The Glimmers, ... and now who's the next duet to be really international?
Ed & Kim? Rob & Zoopsie? 187 and Daviz (Millenium Kru)? Starski & Tonic? King Kitsch & Dr Disco? Plastic Soul Orchestra? Twister & Baz? Who starts to bet?
by Nicolas
06 December 2005 - Famous *Jeux D'Hiver* Burnout! (updated)
The club *Jeux d'Hiver* has been damaged by fire in the night of Monday to Tuesday 6 December. Fire took in the side-restaurant of the venue. The building has been partly destroyed. Only 2 or 3 walls remain of the restaurant, but the club itself did not burn. The fire declared Tuesday morning, towards 2:00 am. The firemen could control fire right before 6:00. The restaurant and the club were closed when it happened but the Police and Firemen investigated for hours to make sure that no one remained inside.

The causes have not been officially confirmed by investigators yet, but unofficial opinions from the staff clearly point at a criminal source. Now some investigations also mention that it could have start from an electric shortcut.

The *Jeux d'Hiver* in Brussels is a pretty classious club located in the middle of the Cambre/Cameren-woods since more than 15 years, strictly aiming at wealthy and classy people... the music has nothing special, it's all about the door selection.
The building itself belongs to the City of Brussels and is reported as a protected architecture... so it will be rebuild as a duplicate very soon. No doubt that Jeux d'Hiver won't remain silent very long.

[pictures by Fret 'Brusselslife' Solvel]

by Nicolas (from Belga&friends)
18 November 2005 - No More Milk?

Milk club in Brussels closed after its last two nights in November with Charles Webster (New York, Paradise Garage) and a Saturday party with the Milk Team.
After new neighbour pressures and lobbying from the City Administration, the Milk management decided today to move away from their current location in rue de Livourne, Brussels within one week.
They already announce new parties in new places .. more infos here very soon.
by Nicolas
10 November 2005 - London Elektricity hits us twice
London Elektricity just confirmed its essential seat on the British Drum'n Bass scene by releasing its 4th and new album *Power Ballads* on its own label Hospital records. In 2004 they launched their DVD "London Elektricity live", and last summer they came up with some EPs such as *The Strangest Secret In The World* and *Hanging Rock*. So, they're here, they're kicking, and for good.

London Elektricity started in 1993 when Chris Goss met Tony Colman. The great thing is that they both originally came from the Jazzy-Trip Hop scene, and that they even blend House influences in their music. So well that they worked in 2001 with the legendary House pioneer and outstanding singer Robert Owens from Chicago.

Now what about them coming in Belgium? Indeed they'll come, but not once... twice in a week-end.
Friday 18 at Petrol club in Antwerp, with the planetary sized Roni Size (UK), Murdock and System-D.
And the Saturday 19 at Het Depot hall in Leuven, with Murdock & Wontime (Riot Squad, Scorpio, Amen2005).
by Nicolas Deckmyn
10 November 2005 - Dangerous new blue drug
A warning just came from several official associations related to the drug abuse in Belgium: a new type of Ecstasy seems to be for sale since a few weeks, and it's extremely dangerous because its double dosed... thus, heavyly stronger than an "usual" Ecstasy. That could lead to unexpected effects, and even to death if nothing's done about it.

It's no secret that almost all drugs kill the kidneys and ruin some brain abilities. But here, the danger goes way over that level.

What does it look like? It's a blue triangular pill with a Mitsubishi sign on it.
But that kind of things changes very quickly, so it could look like something else soon. So, let's just not take drugs ("drugs are baaaad... mkay?")... or if anyone around you decided to do it anyway, at least be wise and ask that person to take only a half of it.

Thanks for spreading the word.
by Nico
08 November 2005 - Depeche Mode goes Deejay?
Hey you happy music freaks... here's some unusual sounds for your soul: Martin Gore, the member of Depeche Mode (writer, lead keyboard and back vocals), just did a Pop-Industrial-Electro Mix available from the website of the Vinyl Amalgame radioshow !

Heat your mouse and get this urgently.

If we think about the career of Martin Gore since 1982, his knowledge in electronic music, and of course all the people he met on his way... this is clearly of the highest electronic music quality. Pay attention to the numerous rarities!

Martin Gore Mix mp3 download at Vinyl Amalgame
by Nico [thanks SNooba]
28 October 2005 - Pendulum in Brussels
UPDATE: new pictures in the Party Pics page!

Awesome: Pendulum comes in Brussels for a one night stand at Kultuurkaffee this Saturday 29 Oct. for the *Volume* Drum'n Bass party.

As some of you already know, the band "Pendulum" was formed in mid-2002 by three people from Australia with similar visions and musical backgrounds. Their mission was to pool together their production resources, ideas and influences from other styles of music to create a new sound that they felt was missing from drum and bass. A style that could only be described as intelligent dancefloor - music that could smash a dancefloor apart yet still have a deep long-lasting impact.

And we have to say that they smashed the scene big time since 3 years... with many top reaching tunes such as Voyager, Everythings Blue, Coma, or the famous Vault. They now fly along the biggest names of the Drum'n Bass scene, with Pendulum, Concord Dawn, Hype or Andy C. They're on the line-up of all major Drum&Bass events in UK, they even played at Pete Tong's Essential Mix on BBC Radio 1 just a month ago.

And Saturday they'll be spinning at the Volume party, alongside System D, Rhumble, Saiko, Baz, Gloria K, + the mc's Shaman, Divine and the shining Lotus.

Ok, it's maybe not the same size as at the Fabric in London... Kultuurkaffee is a 500 ppl capacity hall, but at least we can bet for a great climax.
Saturday 29 October, 22:00 , damage: 9 €, at Kultuurkaffee VUB, 2 avenue de la Plaine / Pleinlaan (boulevard du Triomphe) 1050 Brussels

by Nicolas
26 October 2005 - Dance & Dj Fair 2005
1st of Nov ... More than 900 square meters of exhibition. Records, dj gear, vinyl, clubs, booking agencies, dj's, acts, ...
Well... Another "Dance Expo"... in Aarschot this time. Probably a good way for the newcoming professionals to get contacts and support... but we still wonder: what the public could expect from such events?

Anyway, an opportunity to get some Dance early in a day, on 1 November 2005 (it's a Public Holiday) at the Stadsfeestzaal in Aarschot, from 11:00 until 18:00. The damage will be 5 euro.

But who will be there? (not complete list):
Illusion, Dj4Dj's, Dj Classix, Club Vision Event Solutions, K-Records, Ian Van Dahl, Esther, T-Spoon, Numark, Club Shaft, Crazy Events, Real Retro House, KDX, RGR-FM, Dj A-Tom-X, Toff Music, Club Delite, Dj2Dj, Party Dj, Discobar Leuven, Alpha Omega Records, Fire, Youri, Liberty, Yves Deruyter, Philip, and more...

As you can read, this will be mostly Trance-Techno... but not limited to those styles.
by Nicolas
26 October 2005 - Front 242 in Aarschot
Next Thursday 27 Oct., we hope that many of you will stand in front of the legendary band Front 242 in Aarschot.

Why legendary? Just because they're an essential step between Electropop and New Beat, and because they were the stepstone of the Electronic Body Music (so called EBM by the specialists).
Along with a few Belgian bands such as Nitzer Ebb, Snowy Red, A Split Second, Cabaret Voltaire, or -in a different way- Tuxedo Moon, they drew the new lines of electronic music in the very early 80's. In Europe of course, but also rising all over the world to influence those who later created New Beat, Acid and Techno.
Also legendary because they're still on the right creative wire today, driving to our futuristic musics... they still perform live and compose new tracks.

But this concert will be different, because it's a preview of their coming tour in USA: a vintage tour ... which probably means they'll play a LOT of their very own anthems, such as Headhunter, Welcome To Paradise, etc...

At JC de Klinker, 14 Demervallei - 3200 Aarschot
by Nico Noctis
16 October 2005 - Love Parade in San Francisco
Truly great! A Drum'n Bass-Techno-House-Trance Love Parade has been set up in San Francisco, and it was on last Saturday 24 September, with 89.000 party people dancing in the large avenues of Frisco from downtown to the City Hall.

A real success since almost every music style has been played by the biggest names of each scene: DJ Hyper, Future Prophecies, Kinetik, Freq Nasty, Crystal Method, AK1200, Carl Cox, Ferry Corsten, Mark Grant, Mark Farina, Jamie Anderson, Tom Silk, Bad Boy Bill, and about 40 more...
An awesome blend of all kinds of public went to celebrate the Love Parade, and everything was right. No confusion, no conflict, no stress of any kind.

The least we could wish is that the American youth would gather a million kids in 2006 to celebrate love and understanding in San Francisco again. That could clearly show that the youth wants a peaceful planet... everywhere.

1.500.000 party people in Berlin 2001 for the Love Parade
1.000.000 party people in Zurich for the Street Parade 2005
300.000 party people in Liege for the City Parade 2005
89.000 party people in San Fancisco for the Love Parade 2005
More love! More love! More love! :-)
by Nicolas
28 September 2005 - 15 Oct: Drum in a Church
The writer Paul Verlaine stayed there for a few times in 1893, now it's time for a massive Drum'n Bass in the church of a gigantic disused institute, near Leuven.

Watch this: Dreazz (Nl), Harsh (Nl), Wontime, Murdock, Verifier plus a second room with Bobby Ewing (from Discobar Galaxie), Jules X, and Ulterior.
A big Drum'n Bass clash in the middle of a park, full of centuries-old trees. In a church build around 1900 and disused since the early 80's... that has sense. Especially if this church is still used as a photograph studio in the daytime. Future invades the disused walls of the past, yeh... that has sense.

Not even talking about their big Dutch D'nB guests, let's say that Wontime and Murdock are two from the few true founders of the Drum'n Bass scene in Belgium. When everyone claimed that Drum'n Bass would go nowhere, they both kept their view and their goals... now it's time to celebrate!

Saturday 15 October 2005
at Salva Mater ... E40 Brussel-Luik: take exit 23 (Haasrode).
all infos on their website ... and they say it: "This is a private event. The entrance fee is €7, but only people who register their name and e-mail on the website will be allowed entrance. No dresscode, security tight!"

Let's also mention that there will be a photomodel-casting for the whole night in the studio.
Need a portrait? Or need a Drum? Time to go to the church.
by Nico
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