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Club House - Tech-House - Electro-House - Minimal

Nick Calingaert aka Common Factor

(Tactile Music) Chicago House, Minimal Tech-house
Pure Chicago House. Deejay & also live! Powerfull show including recent EP's. Labels: Planet E, Soma, Paper rec, and now his own label: Tactile. Check his bio & discography page (+press & samples) here Chicago - USA. !! so it means + flight and hotel. The only deejay from another country in this list. Listen to him as deejay in 2002. Click here After tours in Australia, Asia and Europe, Common Factor played New Year 2002-2003 in Chile. He recently spinned his records in a European Tour, stopping in Germany and Switzerland, among other locations.

Murvin Jay

(Bamboola prod, Milk Club) House & Club House
He started his career at legendary Vaudeville in 1993 as guest, and he's now one of the most respected House deejay in Belgium. Every saturday as resident at Mirano Continental until the early weeks of 2002, Murvin is part of most of the big events in the country. Don't miss his great House sense of partying.

Olivier Gosseries

(Mirano Continental, Fun Radio, LeYou, Pop Life) Club House & Club classics
listen to him here (RealAudio) and visit his site here If you don't know Olivier Gosseries, then you never came yet in Belgium. Because Olivier has been part of all historical House pages in this country. Vaudeville, Mirano, Who's Who's Land, La Rocca, BeauZoo, and hundreds of parties in main venues since 1986... with all worlds top House deejays. Composing tracks (2 compils, 6 EP's + 7 compils & EP's + those on OG rec., his own label) he's been already spinning in main clubs of Manhattan and in loads of european festivals. Actually, he's one of the main characters of the belgian nightlife. Available on fridays, any week evenings, and some saturdays.


(Strong club, Mirano). Happy House, House, HardHouse
Jos started his career around 1991 following the steps of first belgian top deejay Poltergeist. Working almost permanently in duet with Olivier Gosseries he applied first a very deep Garage House sound, before turning on UK Hardbag, Nu NRG and SpeedGarage since 1996, inspired by the funniest english gay dance scene. Successively resident deejay at Mirano, La Démence (legendary gay club of Brussels), Who's Who's Land saturdays, Strong (the other main Brussels gay club)... he's now leading the Strong club, spins in loads of events and is still a great party value in the belgian nightlife.


(Paradise, Café d'Anvers, Strong). Minimal Tech, House, Electrohouse
She spinned for the first time 'round 1998, directly dropped onto the new year 98-99 in one of the main belgian clubs: the Mirano Continental. It has been a massive success and it pulled her to some residencies (House of Groove, ...) and to some big events (Never Say Never, Antwerp). She's been also choosen to be part of a Paradise night at Café d'Anvers, opening the gates for more dates in that excellent club. Since then she's been resident at House of Groove, and she's now resident deejay at Café d'Anvers and Strong club. A new star is coming!
Listen to her mix (dec. 1999, realaudio)


UK Pumpin' House, Trance, Club classics
Marko is a club reference since moreless 1991. Playing a permanently progressing club style, he's got one and only target: a full and shouting dancefloor. Driving in all major events, all major clubs, raves, festivals,... Resident at La Rocca (Lier) on sundays since the mid 90's, also at T&T (Brussels) and Nova (Gaurain). He spins in all and every big event: Sportpaleis New Years Eve 2000, Beach Festival, Innercity Tour at Heysel, ... Available on fridays, saturdays and any week evenings.


(Brown Moschunz, Food club, Milk club) Electrohouse, club & Dub House
Resident at worldlwide House reference Food club since 1996, Geoffroy started to play records in 1992 after beeing such a nightbird for years. So he choosed the refinest way to spread House music all night long in a great club, for easy people. He did 4 cd compilations on SSR rec called "Moving House" including one dedicated to (and recorded at) the Food. Guest at Fuse, Café d'Anvers, Sonik, and in lot of biggest national events. No doubt, Geoffroy is one of the most recognized deejay in Belgium. Listen to him here (RealAudio)


(Fuse, P3P, Mayday 96) - plays also 100% House
Probably the biggest Techno star in Belgium with T-Quest and Psychogene, nevertheless he also spins House! Actually he started his way in 1992 at Café d'Anvers on sundays, where House music was the heart. Well he used to play in some private parties since 1990, but all really started at C.d'A. Then came the Fuse in 1994 where he's resident every saturday on main Techno floor since 8 years! Now Pierre is one of the essential elements of any big electronic event in Belgium, but also in Europe (Mayday 1996), and is resident at all the famous P3P Electrohouse parties. Producing some private tracks (only one has been licenced: Air Afrique, with Louis Pirson), he's not yet doing live performances.

Eric Beysens

(x-LaRocca 1989-98, ex-Boccaccio's Fame 1987-1992)
New-Wave / Electro / House. Spins the hypest sound since 1986. Also does lives, with or without additional accoustic musicians.
According to his official biography:
Eric Beysens aka Eric 'Powa' B started his deejay career in the early 80's at La Gaîté Brussels, then Fifty Five Kuurne, and at the legendary Boccaccio in Destelbergen where he's been resident for 5 years from 87 to 92, spinning New-Beat and spreading the new Chicago House sound. He's also been the deejay who made the soul and the pride of the saturdays at La Rocca for about 10 years.
Back in Brussels in 98 he's been resident at Who's Who's Land/Studiolive until 2002. By that time he spinned records worldwide (D-Club, Rex, Pacha Ibiza, KM5 Ibiza, Follie's Pigalles, Queen, Gibus, Superclub Amsterdam, Nirvana) and almost everywhere in Belgium (Café d'Anvers, Fuse, La Dune, L'Amnesia) along the greatest names (featuring many friends) such as Roger Sanchez, Sven Väth, Junior Jack, Charles Schilling, Pippi, Jose de Divina, Jon Cutler, Laurent Garnier, Bob Sinclar, Armand Van Helden, Derrick May, Marshall Jefferson, etc
Producer, remixer, he got music on numerous record companies. He's currently working on an electro-lounge LP, also on a band named 'Astrolounge', and his two recent EP's are available at any good recordshop: D-Council feat. Apollo on Recovered/Sony, and Backlash 'Magnificent 7' on Lowlands (many great critics in the music press + in charts of MoS & Music Week 2004).

Freestyle & Chill

Acid Kirk

(Psychonauts, Syncopated Elevators Legacy, Ambivalence rec, Reload Ambient)
Ambient, Illbient & neo Free Jazz.

Seal Phuric

(Seekness, Virtus, Ambivalence rec, Reload ambient)
Depressive Dark journey into ambient and illbient.


(whole House scene in Gent, Free the Funk, ...)
pure Trip Hop or pure Chill or freestyle...


(whole House scene @ Gent+Free the Funk+Music man,...)
pure Trip Hop or pure Chill or freestyle...

Lukas Master Mooks

(Movida, parties at Schakel) - Drum'n Bass & Trip Hop

Nico Noctis

(Psyclotron) 100% chillout ambient. No rythms *at all*. Cosmic 70's + cool speeches.


Breakcore / Drumcore

experimental - drum'n weird - breakz


(Hydra, Boups newyear 2005) - pure psycho Drumcore/Breakcore set

Acid Kirk

(ex-BWP) - composer (Psychonauts, Sync. Elev.)
Only Psycho Trip Hop, Drum'n Bass, Breakz

Syncopated Elevators Legacy

(aka Acid Kirk live) concert of evolutionary soundz, from Ambient to Drumcore.
One man, 10 machines, a deep shock.

Drum'n Bass from Belgium

Ground Kontrol

(B Major, Syth, MC Ebony)

Hydra Crew

(Hydra Sessions) - 4 dj's + 2 Mc's. Drum'n Bass by Saïko, Rhumble, Twister, Baz + MC Lotus & Divine.


(Hydra) - pure Dark & Fun Drum'n Bass realaudio mix (also does Drumcore sets)


(Eskimo, Silo, Riot Squad, Radio Scorpio) - pure dancehall Drum'n Bass -  realaudio mix

System D

(Action fm, It's Like a Jungle) - full Drum'n Bass
check his website

Miss Elorak

(StressDaBass) - Jungle & Hardstep Drum'n Bass


History of House & Retro


(80's new wave, early Chicago trax, history of Techno)

Olivier Gosseries

(happy 87-92 trend, x-resident at Mirano & Who's Who's)


(happy 90-94 trend, Vaudeville club resident 1991-1994, Acid at Fuse)

Eric Beysens

(resident at Boccaccio 1988, resident at La Rocca 1989-98)


(86 Chicago Acid and Techno/Electro visionnary tracks)

Joost de Lijser

(all kinda style as long as it is Electro or Acid, Italo Disco or New Wave) ... a must!

Sebastian S.

(huge historical set, 86 Chicago)

Eric D.

(any fun House style classics, from 1990 to 1996)

Ragga & Reggae

Bass Culture Soundsystem

(Dour festival, Geel festival) - Raggamuffin, Roots Reggae, Dancehall style + a bit of Socca.
Huge boiling party atmosphere. 2 deejays + 2 MC's
Check their site here.
Listen to them here (RealAudio)

Also Oliver Pose as solo deejay
and Uman as solo live
check their website!

ROC Sound

(Radio Panik) - Ragga, Reggae & drops of R'n B 2 members, Sekel & Keya + sometimes guests.
Wide range of styles, big energy.


(Dali's bar, ex-Nyabinghi) - Roots Reggae, oldschool style & new jamaican roots

Hip Hop, Funk & R'nB

Dû Tam

(ex-Who's Who's Thursdays, De Cinema Antwerp) - pure US New Jack style


(Mondial) - pure US style


(Souterrain prod.) - Hip Hop massive or pure Soulfunk

Daddy K.

(DMC champion 88 & 98, the ONE and only!)
Hip Hop scratchmaster.

Nice One

(Bass Culture Sound) - Ragga, R'n B & Funk


(Dali's bar) - oldschool Funk set ... 80's & 90's

Psychedelic Rock (60's-70's) & 60's Soul


(resident deejay at Gémeaux club 1972-1978, Psyclotron parties 92-97)
Psyche Garage, Acid Rock, boiling 60's lysergical mix including 1965 to 1969 hits.

El Bosco

(Psyclotron parties 92-98, Psycho Years 93-94, Radio Campus, Gazon 2005)
Psyche Garage, Headrock, Peace & Love 1967 to 1972 hits, Soul, Cosmic Muzik
listen to a mix of El Bosco & Gilles (1993 realaudio)


Psyche Garage, Acid Rock
Mostly known for his Electro style, Colantoni also mixes 60's tunes for Psyche parties.

Disco 70's & 80's

Nick aka Common Factor

(Planet E, Soma rec., Tactile Music) - pure Chicago 80's Disco
!! + flight from Chicago & hotel

Anthony Le Sire

(Pablo Discobar, Dali's bar)

Lukas Master Mooks

(Movida, Underground Adventures, Dirty Dancing)

Youri Coconut

(Groove District at Dali's bar, Pablo Discobar)

El Bosco Disco

(Radio Campus, Groove District at Dali's, Disco Sunday at Claridge)

Eclectic Hits 60's to 2000


or DJ Jo
Resident at Crema & Gusto nights (duet with dj Claude )
Formerly resident dj at: Chez Johnny, 3615, Transat , Scala, ...
also known as (anonyme) : Resident dj at SoulParty (Nostalgie Mirano Claridge).

Eclectic & alternative selections - New groove, Jazzy Groove, Soul Funk, World, Reggae, ...
----- "Je suis Influencé par la rhytmique de la musique plus que par la mélodie,
ma motivation reste la découverte ou la relecture.
Mon pire ennemi est le papier peint sonore !"
----- "I'm more influenced by the rythms than by the melody.
My main motivation is to discover, or to revisit.
My worst ennemy is the musical routine !"


(Oskoorland, Radio Campus)