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Nightlife and Electronic
Vinyls and CD's shops
in Belgium and nearby

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Psytrance records and clothing
1 Zavel - 9620 Zottegem - Phone 0474.513 523
Fax 09.3618408 - or send them a mail

Psychedelic related shops
24 Donkersteeg - 9000 Gent - Phone: 09.2258823
Also another Shanti in Aalst
13/15 St-Jorisstraat - 9300 Aalst - Phone: 053.711891 mail

Hard-Tek and wider ranges of electronics. It's also a label.
13 to 18:30 on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday
21 Predikherenstraat - 8000 Brugge - Phone: 050 490 633

The referential online Electro & Techno Classics shop
Searching for a rare electronic vinyl or a limited edition EP? Try there
1000's records in permanent stock + new records. certifies that Formic proceeds seriously. Köln - Germany

Another referential online Electro & Tech shop ...
Looking for the last Viewlexx or Legowelt, the new Clone, UR or Disko B?
There it is, and more.
The shop in Rotterdam is small, but awesome. Rotterdam - Netherlands

new online Electro shop - Belgium

Music Man / News

all electronic styles: Techno, Electro, House, Dance,
Trance, Chill, etc... Mostly vinyls  :-)
Public shop: 83 Steendam, Gent.
"News/Dance Solution" headquarters are at Dendermondsesteenweg.
::: New: News now also in Brussels ... check below :::

MusicMania Gent
Indie Rock, Breakbeat, Trip Hop, rarities, alternative electronics, Reggae, ...
Bagattenstraat 197 - 9000 Gent

38 St Kwintensberg, Gent.
All over Ambient, Techno, New Wave, Industrial,...

New Shop (ex-bcm)
Hazelstraat  - 2800 Mechelen
not far from Botermarkt
by Tomaz & Franky Jones

USA Import

House, Techno, Trance, Electro & Clubsound
Mostly vinyls    :-)  but some cds anyway
+ Koenie's 2nd hand rec. shop called "Wally's Groove"in the cellar.
75 St Jacobsmarkt - 2000 Antwerpen (central station)

Psytrance & Goa shop
NEW address from 1 May: 4 St.-Antoniusstraat - 2000  Antwerpen
(The shop at Lange Schipstraat in Mechelen is closing on 24 April 2004)

Metrophone - Popkelder
Kammenstraat - 2000 Antwerpen
They moved from Meir. Caution! 03/231 18 65.

Doctor Vinyl
25 Toekomststraat, 1800 Vilvoorde.
From Jungle to Punk, from Metal to Techno, ...
Till 19:00.
Dr Vinyl is also at the St Goriksplein with mostly House, Techno & Disco.
/Marché St Géry - 1000 Brussels.
and at 123 St Michielstraat - 8700 Tielt.

DJ Import
45 Waterloo - Charleroi.

American Import
From 10 to 18:00 every day except Sunday.
44 passage du Centre - 7000 Mons.

29 rue de Nimy - 7000 Mons.

MusicMania Kortrijk
Indie Rock, Breakbeat, Trip Hop, rarities, alternative electronics, Reggae, ...
Zwevegemsestraat 13 - 8500 Kortrijk

Canard Bizarre
From 10.00 till 19.00. Closed on Sunday.
40a Petite Rue - 7700 Mouscron.

Online record  + dj equipment shop.
Techno , Elektro , Acid , Jungle , Hard electronics
Closed Sunday and Monday.
49 rue des Moulins - 7700 Mouscron.

Diki rec
Vinyls and cd's, since 1989. Closed Sunday and Wednesday.
101 rue du Christ - 7700 Mouscron.

Music Box
Vinyls and cd's
25 Grand Rue - 7140 Morlanwelz.

289 Paalsesteenweg, 3583 Paal (E313, exit 26).

Audiopolis Liège
Mardi au Vendredi de 10h30 à 18h. Jeudi jusqu'à 19h. Samedi: 12h30 à 18h30.
14 rue St Jean-en-Isle - 4000 Liège

Audiopolis Namur
Nouveau ! Au-dessus du magasin Side By Side
Ouvert depuis le Vendredi 12 mai 2006.

New Top 2000
only for vocal Garage, R'n B & Hip Hop:
now moved to rue du Marché-aux-Poulets - 1000 Brussels
(near the Opera Monnaie/Munt).

Urban Groove

Closed since July 2005    :-/
@ 14 rue des Riches Claires (Bourse/St Géry)
/Rijken Klaren str. - 1000 Brussels (Beurs/St Gorik).
some friends links on

NEWS Brussels (ex-BCM)
6, Plattensteen - Brussels (center)
Techno, Electro, Trance, Dnb,... vinyls & cd's

Stress Da Bass
closed in July 2005

Music Mania Vinyl & cds
rue de la Fourche /  Greepstraat 4 - 1000 Brussels down town
Indie Rock, Abstract Hip Hop, Lounge, ...
Some House, Techno, many Drum'n Bass... some Funk/World/Latino.

Vinyl & cds, rue Fossé-aux-Loups
1000 Brussels down town
Mostly House, Techno & Trance.
The service depends of the person. If it's Michel Traxx
then it's great. He's refined, professional and fun.
Also for videogames and cd's.

33 Import
Vinyl shop & Accessories
Rue des pigeons 4 1000 Brussels
Fresh House tunes and a large choice of Techno & UK Trance tracks
Serv.: Balthazar, Alex, Balth or Johnny.

Boogie Down - Hip Hop Shop
Location: 68, Agora shopping center - 1000 Brussels
down town. Real mind, real stuff. Ask for Shed, his advices are precious.

New Sounds - Hip Hop Shop
@ 50 rue du Marché aux Poulets/Kippenmarkt - 1000 Brussels.
Monday till saturday: 12:00 - 18:30. Tel:02 219 93 33

Arlequin rec. shop
Location: rue de l'Athénée - 1050 Brussels up town.
Of course, a lot of second hand vynils (Rock, Jazz,...)
but mostly the craziest new Dub & Reggae ever supplied in the city.
Ask for Peeter, the one from Shakaland, or Olivier, the one from the Irie planet.
Also a second Arlequin shop: Dance, Jazz Blues Soul, near Manneken pis (rue du Chêne, 7).

Mob Records
@ moved to boulevard Anspach laan - 1000 Brussels.
Only second hand vinyles from Space to Rock (Gothic, lo-Fi, Industr...).

Rockaway Beat rec.
@ 29 bd Maurice Lemonnier - 1000 Brussels.
Only second hand Rock cd's. No more vyniles.

Jukebox shop
Vynile collectors, mostly Rock, but many goodies to find.
Next to Mob records... on bd Anspach laan - 1000 Brussels