The Belgian Weather
- right now
- and next week

Belgium is well known for its many enlighted highways. (that's one of the reasons Belgium counts a lot of clubs in the country, out of the big cities, because they're easy to reach in a few minutes). That results in a national magical blend, every Friday and Saturday night. Many clubs in the northern part of the country are filled with people from the south... Brussels clubs are full of people from everywhere, as well as Southern clubs are magnets for foreigners and the northern public. It's very usual for a young nightbird to take a ride of 50 or 60 km to get to a party, even if there's a nightclub nearby his home. Simply because in Belgium each type of music has its main venue.

By the way, weather is not always as nice as we hope. So that's why we provide you here the basic weather informations for the main belgian locations. We hope this could be usefull for you all... and for a safer drive.

The weather next hour? next day? next week?
As we found several good sources, here's our choice:

1) a FANTASTIC tool fof the immediate rain and snow forecast within the 2 coming hours, as it's a radar from an orbital view:

2) the official KMI/IRM Belgian meteorology website:

3) if you need the 7 days forecast, you might wanna try this american website (hereunder). Just click on the city reports. As far as we use it weekly during the summer to check the potential weather on the festivals and free parties in the woods... WUnderground is sometimes right (sometimes not).