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Last update 21st of Oct. 2002
Deejays and Bands
Sun Trip Rec- PsyTrance deejays & artists: Anoebis, Space Muchi, Lost Buddha,...
JustSayPro- web-HQ of Jesse Saunders (Chicago), a legendary founder of House
Goa Gill- Godfather of all PsyTrance deejays, U.S. formerly based in Goa
100% Isis- 400% nocturnal power. An obviousness in the Dutch House scene
BlackSoulMusic- the web of Deep House deejay Badass from Zagreb, Croatia
La-Secte- is full of futuristic (and dangerous) thrills. Electro & Drum'n Bass. It features websites of D-Jack, Enjoy Apocalypse, Shift 62, Digital Monsters. Explicit meanings, explicit sounds. The graphics by Laurent Debras are amazing.
FutureWorldFunk- is the Protesta's free parties website, with mixes & news.
Bun& Mission- pages related to la Mission 9 (live House) & deejay Bun-0
Djackz- Old site of D-Jack
Bugtronix- another site related to D-Jack
System-D- One of the greatest Drum'n Bass selectors in Belgium
Joost de Lyser- Fuse 94, Network 95, Cybertheatre 96, Body to Body 2003 ... Electro pioneer and co-founder of the Belgian Electro scene ... nuff respect!
Olivier Gosseries- the official website... with realaudio House mixes
Truelove.co.uk- Site about UK deejays
MMM- Mix Master Morris website
F.S.O.L.- Future Sound of London ... the essence of chill
Scanner- Sound machines to feed our brains
Dunk Phenomena- House deejay crew from Dunkerque - Fr. (with realaudio)
Glenn Underground- Chicago. his warm and brilliant House, his magic talent for keyboards
Bass Culture Soundsystem- complete new website, with pics, news and flyerz
Boombastic sounsystem- One of the most experienced dancehall soundsystems in Belgium
Skander- Deejay and music producer
Crewl Underground Madness- some Tech, D'nB & Hip Hop deejays
TRS80- (Chicago) - electronic shpoontz
Chixxx with dixxx- Disconouveau band - Belgium
Juno Reactor- Psyche Electronics - did some tunes for *Matrix Reloaded*
Chillage- Italian Chillout musician (but listening needs to subscribe... pfff)
Beyond Third Spring- live Psytrance performance with electronics, didjereedoo, flute, etc - Switzerland
GFX-Syndicate- German party-visuals collective
EarthDance visuals- video artists for parties. They were at *Ardennes in Trance* 2002
Trigger visuals- Veejays and video artists from Switzerland
PressureLab.com- DJ's / Downloads / Graffiti
Moodlex - The Mood Generator- Funky and well-balanced beats, a fine blend of deep house, jazz, lounge, bossa, dub, drum 'n bass, breakbeats and even hiphop. He doesn't do any dj-sets, preferring to give live-performances on his laptops.
Dj Fab's Homepage- Bio/discography, Productions, Mixes, etc
Acoustix Flavour crew- at Pablo Discobar Brussels
sayma- Nu jazz, sensual electronica band
Dj Helge- Dj & Deco (Sun&Moon)site from Germany
313.be.tf- Home of Shaman, the Belgian Electro deejay
yves bash- electro-techno deejay and co-producer of electro-head parties in Liège
Digitalk Prod. radioshow- Show on Vibration 89.9fm (Brussels) by Nemio
Do you have the Stamina?- deejay & prod. Richie McCann. Event listing, picture gallery & flyers
Usual Suspects band- dark punk ska anar live band ... skwat mood
floating station- noise adventure >>> Noise rock + Drum n bass
Bojo Productions- Reggae & Ragga soundsystem from Gent
604 family- psytrance party promoters from the outer rim
Anthraxe- Drum and bass - Electro - Breackore party organisers
Glimmer Twins- Mo & Benoelie website
DJ Prinz- the resident at Café d'Anvers
Peter Luts- Progressive Trance DJ & Producer
Radioraheem- Belgian based electrotechno
Quincy- fururistic minimal & elektrotech dj, hoster of the "punk'id" party's at Zazou club
Vanno & co- Submedia.com is the page of Essential parties
Sonalités électroniques- electronic music in a field between house, lounge & nu-jazz
Digitalnooba- Digital beats for digital nights in Brussels
Phacelift- Progressive psytrance producer and DJ
Drop Da Funk- Funky parties in Belgium
hydra- Home of Saïko, Rhumble, Twister, Lus, MC Lotus with news, agenda, audio (mixes and tracks) and photos
De Onderwereld- Urban Exploration & Electro-Disco-Booty Mixes
Kevens- Live Drum and Bass meets Rocking Reggae
Deejaymarko.be- official website of Marko La Rocca - Trance & Psytrance
shamanelectro- electro fashion is born shaman in plabts we trust
Lum Electronica- experimental electronic music. meticulously produced by lum
Benjamin k- dj web site house music mixes download
Redbeats- *drum'n bass is not a crime* parties - Brussels
The Synthetic Dream Foundation- Psytrance producer
Yannick Thiry vs PsyVader- Belgian Trance act
:: L'Under Gronde :: artistes amateurs ::- For open minds only
Noise P. official website- Funk, R'n B, Hip Hop
nibis- electechnoise scratchpop chillndrillcore
The AtmosFeeric World Of Kevin Jee- The Official Kevin Jee (Balmoral) website
Electric Universe- Germanys Top Psychedelic Trance Act
United-Elektro- Djs Ecco, Dowsha & Mystere
SOS Website V2- Sound of sand crew from Lille/France
Ambien Daan- Chillout & Lounge deejay from Amsterdam
Pi Chai & Oliver Anderson Booking- Booking Agentur für House & Techno DJs aus dem Raum Frankfurt mit DJ Bios und kleinem Merchandising Shop.
Liquid Oscillators- Psynewcomer from Switzerland
Club Sites
Doudingue- one of the biggest Belgian clubs. Mainstream music + bowling + restaurant
La Rocca- legendary club since 1989. Resicency of deejay Marko.
Pure and Sub club- House on top, near Tournai
I Love Techno & Body To Body- major Techno and Electro-Disco events in Gent
Culture Club- the hypest club in Gent, with Mo & Benoelie
Café d'Anvers- legendary and House oriented. Splendid and large.
Fuse club- the Techno reference in Europe - Brussels
La Démence- crazy monthly gay men club since 12 years
Strong- freaky and huge gay parties in a luxuous palace
Les Jeux d'Hiver- sortof hard selection at the door for jetsetters in Brussels
Mezzanine- all hits, blind door selection, average - Brussels
Kozzmozz and Planet prod.- they do Star Warz, Acid at Vooruit, etc
La Bush- huge ProgTrance club
Illusion- Trance club - Lier
La Goa- Trance club - Menen
Palladium- in Baisy-Thy (closed since 2002)
Yellows- Funk & R'n B club. Heusden-Zolder
Outline afterclub- Trancy place - Diest
Cocoon- Trance, dance - Hasselt
Arènchi- Trance & House club, Roosdaal (Ninove)
Cherry Moon- Trance & Tech club since 1992 - Lokeren
Sparrow- Funk & R'n B in Brussels. Reopening on 1st June 2003
Le Carré- mainstream commercial club
Metropolis- big club, progtrance & hits - near Bastogne
Eur_Ministry of Sound- Legendary club in London
Eur_Tresor- Techno legend - Berlin - Germany
Eur_Club Prag- Techno - Stuttgart - Germany
Eur_Electric Ballroom- Techno - Berlin - Germany
Samothraki Festival- Psytrance festival in the Aegean Islands - Greece - 28 aug to 2 sept 2003
Louke50- Louke has style and groove!
ireggae.com- irie! nuff respect mates!
Mad Club- Madclub Party's @ Fuse - by Sir Boterham
Electronic music sites
Dacru- Drum'n Bass & Psytrance events
Sanka- Belgian Psytrance music producer
Fluokim- personnal site with Psytrance infos
Boups Radio - [visit this!]- a deejay radio, a drum'n bass party agenda, with passion
Freestylegroove- excellent House style - Belgium
CityRythms- Canadian House deejay collective
Goatrance- the most complete website about Psytrance in Europe
Psytrance.be- is a Belgian Psytrance portal... well done
FoolHouse- is a House party organisation in Leuven
Kagan Kalender- Complete New-Wave Electro Indus Gothic Agenda
1Groove- one nation under a groove for Canada & East America?
RadioElectro- Electro mixes in Real Audio
RadioElectro- Electro mixes in Real Audio
TheZone- Huge selection of Dance Music links
Surreal Sound- high quality underground electronic magazine (in french)
Mixmag [old]- first website until 2000
Mixmag [new]- fresh website since 2001
Aliens- Very nice Aliens dedicated site with electronic breakbeat tunes
Kaoz mixes- realaudio drum'n bass & break mixes. But the guy is a little upset... heh
Deep House Page- the biggest and greatest site about birth of House in Chicago. All legends in realaudio!
Attitude-Nocturne.ch- realaudio mixes by Larry Heard, Kenny Carpenter, Tony Humphries, ... and Swiss agenda
Technocrew- Tons of Techno links... really large list!
Technomusic- cool UK Techno website with infos and downloads
Hyperreal- THE biggest rave and electronic-music community on the web. USA based.
HouseMusic.com- a nice portal
Out Soon magazine- the main clubbing magazine in Belgium
StreetSound- many realaudio mixes to listen to. House and tech
Sonar- electronic music festival in Barcelona - Spain
Chixxx with dixxx 2- muzik electronik sans sukkre
TB 303 - how to sequence- how to use a 303 without a 303
TB-303- unofficial home of the 303 Bassline, the mother of Acid
San Francisco Flyers- by Hyperreal
Mayday official website- yearly massive event on 30 april - Dortmund - Germany
Interzone.ch- good party reviews for Switzerland
Puregoa.de- great Psytrance website - Germany
Goa.ch- huge list of Psytrance related links
Shakradelic- Psytrance bar and record label in Zurich
Technoexperience- extremely nice Italian Techno & Psytrance website
Aremun- Italian Techno portal
Psysurfeur- French Psytrance website - cool one
Brainwasher- French Psytrance party agenda and infos
HappyPeopleProductions- Psytrance in Autralia
Maya 2012- Spanish Psytrance collective
CosmicTrance- Spanish Psytrance organisation
SyntheticVibes- German Psytrance organisation and news
Dusttraxx- American deejays and labels (mostly House)
Teknet- Swiss electronic community & infos - since 1995
Klangforschung Ost- quality parties in East of Belgium - electronicz
Shadow Outpost- outstanding electronic parties - Liège
HVP057- HardTech perso fanzine
FreeTekno.fr- one of the main French Tech raves website
Twisted Hardware- Electro Scene in Belgium - Shaman & friendz
Be-Party- a strong Brussels trance and dance party organization
Minimal-Electro.Blogspot- great source about New Wave + radio
integrate Event- Top ranked Dutch techno event
Kamehouse rec- french electronic collective..biographies, mp3's, contact, booking,...
dancefrontdoor- UK forum, tracks identification, direct artists mp3, ...
Bass Chamber- history of Miami Bass and electro - great one! - germanspk
goa-trance.startkabel- nice Dutch goatrance links portal
goatrance.net- for Tranzoidz only
Electronic-music.net- Find any Electronic Music radio
Ambience For The Masses- the definitive original Ambient website
talk prOgressive- Progressive psytrance blog
Psytrance music- latest psytrance news and reviews
harddance.net- some of the finest UK DJ talent featuring live mixes & downloads
Acid Anonymous Website- italian industrial: darkambient: ebm: neofolk portal. Including reviews, interviews, news...
StreamFast- More than 150 streaming dj set
Disco Fuckerz Recordings- French label's site: online mixes, online tracks, agenda, news...Dj Corleone aka One Kurl, Red Richards, John Blackmore. House, Tek house, Electronica, Drum n Bass...
Sinergia Trance Collective- Psytrance from Madrid
Old Buddies- Retro and good Tech, Dj Set, pics and info about what happend in BssL
Booty.be- all about Booty electro in Belgium
:: ElectroBreakz ::- electro, breakbeat, experimental, anything electronic that sounds good!
Progressive music- international progressive trance
Drum & Bass Webcam Station- 7 days a week from 6pm (GMT) Raw and Real DNB !
Psycho face Record- Best home for psytrance artists
Record shops and label sites
Formic.de- the classiest electro web vinyl shop - based in Köln - all the classics and more
Spiraltrax- Psytrance record label - Gothenburg - Sweden
Acacia rec- (K.Hand's label) Detroit - USA
U.R.- YES! Famous and respected Mad Mike's label is finally online!
ad.techno- Amazing list of Discographies and labels
Urban Takeover- the Jungle label... Flash animated with style
Pro-Zak rec- Disconouveau & House record label
Submerge- roots and culture of Detroit Techno devlopment... sound scientists
Rawkus- fantastic Hip-Hop label
Elypsia- Bochum Welt, Circadian Rythms, Cosmic Messenger, Dan Curtin, K Alexi Shelby, etc..
Rephlex rec- the brilliant acoustic benders of Rephlex music label - UK
SSR rec- managed by Morpheus, with Snooze, Juryman, Freezone, etc
Crammed- one of the oldest Belgian labels: Tuxedo Moon, Minimal Compact, Bebel Gilberto, ...
Warp- the freshness of madness ... UK has taste!
Astralwerks- Fatboy Slim, Chemical, ... already a major label
Ninja Tune- the sultans of funkiness. If it hits you left, right and center, it's them.
RS- R&S records website
430 West- great Chicago House label
313- the 313 Detroit mailing list (not moderated)
Transmat- the label created and managed by Derrick May - Detroit
Planet E- the famous Carl Craig's label - Detroit
Plus 8- another legendary Techno label from Detroit
Urbanshadows- french online electronic music shop
Wally's Groove World- Koenie's online 2nd hand record shop - classics, rare releases, etc
Azuli rec.- Danny Tenaglia, François Kevorkian, Frankie Knuckles, ... a real House label
Blackmarket- famous Drum'n Bass shop in London, and online shop too
Bedrock- great UK House label
Autmatic- OCB, Graham Camp, ... Housy electronic label from UK
Wall of Sound- qua-li-ty! is it needed to say anything more?
XL rec- they launched Prodigy and Dave Clarke and started the original UK hardcore
Skint- the label of Fatboy Slim, Lo Fidelity Allstars, Dave Clarke, ...
Platipus rec- home of Patrick Reid, Praha, Moogwai
Perfecto rec- the label of Paul Oakenfold
Mute- label of Paul Van Dijk, Moby, Martin Gore, ...
Clone shop & label- a reference in Electro & Tech - Rotterdam - also webshop
Halflife rec-
Defected- label of Bob Sinclar, Soul Rebel, Africanism, ...
Code Blue- First Choice, Missy Elliott, Merge, ... and some House or Trance bands
Subversive rec- label of Georges Morel, Cevin Fisher, Cut Masters, ...
Hi-Phen rec- Geoffroy's label ... a jetset underground taste. Refined House with Brett Johnson, Pawel Kobak, ...
Tigersushi- one of the greatest sites about House & Techno artists ... not to miss!
Nu Life- Jam & Spoon, Ian Van Dahl, ... pure ProgTrance
Interzone rec- Swiss Psytrance music label
Spirit Zone- Psytrance label, with Space Tribe, Shiva Chandra, ...
G-Isis- Psytrance label (only for contact, no real site)
Iboga rec- Danish Psytrance label
Shiva Space Technology- Psytrance label - Munich - Germany
Shiva Space Japan- Japanese Psytrance label and home of DJ Jorg (Goa)
Nada rec.- Psytrance label in Switzerland
Mental Arts- German Psytrance label
BPitch Control- Electro breaks from Germany, with Ellen Allien, Alex Amoon, Kiki, ...
Alchemy- English Psytrance label
Orbit deejay material- shop in Brussels & online shop
USL deejay material- shop in Affligem & online shop
Viewlexx Electro label- also Holosynthesis, Murder Capital, etc (Nl)
Abysoma Records- Electronica music label based in Madrid, Spain. STYLES: Downtempo, Chillout, Ambient, Idm, Electro, Minimal,... ARTISTS: Luis Junior, Fünkana, B-Flow, Crosin, Fluflo...
Spinbeats- Dj vinyl, videos, clothing and Accessories
Aerobic Audio- electro - prenez soin de votre corps en musique
Whosbrain records- music label post-rock electroni-k noise noisy pop
drumadix Rec- DnB and French hardcore label
Intelligent Music records- Label basé à Bruxelles et spécialisé en Hip Hop,électro et tout courant découlant de la musique électronique.MP3&video gratuits!!
the sound of inverted light source recordings- A recording label devoted to developing techno music and technology itself.
AX-Records.net- onlineshop for electronic music
BeWol- on line shop specialised in labels merchandising
Active-Neo-Psy Recordings- Label from Visual Space Access (ex Suntec)
mindcontrolrecords- psytrance label of talamasca and nomad
Hungersite- ONE click only = you give food to hungry people
Greenpeace- we may criticize them, but they help... and they do move.
Animal Defense Network- hunt the hunters!
Control the machine...- Hack now! How to, where to, etc...
Before it controls you!- hack by yourself [canadian hack info site]
Belgian hack- collective of web security scientists
What's a Hacker?- *Unauthorized Access* ... Bianca movie
The Thing- weird mag - hack and electro - Germany
Modus Vivendi asbl- Réduction des risques liés à l'usage de drogues
Clear Channel S_cks?- for those fighting the biggest music company
Druglijn- be wise.
Worldometers.info- How many humans today on earth? Live countings
Medias, concert halls and cultural centers
Democrazy- Party and concert hall - Gent
advalvas.be- Essential Belgian portal and search engine
Vrije Universiteit Media- almost all Media links for Belgium
De Standaart- daily news
Het Nieuwsblad- nederlandstalig daily news
De Gentenaar- Gentse daily news
Het Volk- Nederlandstalig daily news
De Morgen- Nederlandstalig excellent daily news
Gazet van Antwerpen- Antwerpse daily news
Het Belang Van Limburg- Limburgse daily news
Het Nieuwsblad- Nederlandstalig daily news
Alive Festival- Summer Electronics & Rock in St Vith
Humo- Nederlandstalig weekly magazine
Knack- Nederlandstalig weekly magazine & news
P Magazine- Nederlandstalig weekly popular fun & fashion
Le Vif / L'Express- Weekly news magazine francophone
Télé-Moustique- Weekly tv & lifestyle magazine francophone
Mosquito- Cultural weekly mag in Tele-Moustique
La Libre Essentielle- Weekly digest mag by La Libre Belgique
Le Soir- Daily news francophone
La Libre Belgique- Daily news francophone
La Dernière Heure- Daily news francophone
SMartagora.com Belgische kunstenaars- Vind Belgische kunstenaars (audiovisueel, podium kunsten, beeldende kunsten, mode & design, podium technicus,...)
SMartagora.com Podiumkunsten- Vind een Belgisch acteur, danser, circusartiest, choreograaf, geluidingenieur, regisseur, ...
SMartagora.com Podium technicus- Vind een Belgisch regisseur, machinist, accesoirist, belichter, decoratieschilder, podium kapper, grimer, ...
SMartagora.com Audiovisuele kunsten- Vind een Belgisch cameraman, realisator, klankontwerper, technicus, ondertitelaar, Tekenaar in de Animatiefilmsector,...
SMartagora Leren / Aanleren- Vind een Belgisch dansleraar, pianoleraar, docent dans en beweging, salsaleraar, coach,...
Partysponsors.be- Organising a party? Looking for sponsors? Business site.
david- cd duplication from 0.99 ht eur.
Botanique- Concerts and art-exhibitions in Brussels
Belgian search engines
Webwatch- te database is old but rich and useful
LePotin- French only and old lists but contains some good tips
Botje.be- Zoeksysteem. 2.500.000 Belgische webpagina's opgenomen
Start.be- Zoek & Directory pagina
Kobala.be- Doorzoek het belgische web
Debeste.be- Zoeken op trefwoorden of op categoriën
Bramstart.be- Cool zoeksysteem en categoriën
Digger.be- Moteur de recherche et catégories
Lesmeilleurs.be- DeBeste.be en Français ... pas bête
Search-Belgium- very organised and clear. - new
Bars by Fred & Jo- the best bars for Brussels & Brabant Wallon - frenchsp
Sammo- Belgian Searchengine
Funny sites
SpaceTribe- Psychedelic clothing & online shop
MooOOOoo!- For cows only!
Oh!! Moo!- For adult cows only
Tromal- Depressive Darkness, but 2nd degree ... hehe. Scary with fun
PurpleHaze-wear- Radical party clothing (really cool stuff and fun accessories) in Breda
Comics in Brussels- A nice idea: comic artists paint some walls
Italo Disco portal- all your dreams about 80's Italo Disco... you freak! :-)
Radar- Automated speed-controlers in Belgium
Glow Glow!- some glow-in-the-dark fashion
Felix The Cat- Official website of the mad cat in Space
Lycaeum graphics- explore the cells we're made of... and active plants
Kobra-La- clothing, shirts and home accessories. Oriental stuff...
German largest music shop- fun accessories. guitars, drums, keyboards, soundsystems, structures... delivers in Belgium
Star Trek shirts & dress- From Kirk to Picard, the real clothes
Disco Dactylogame- type words fast ... and don't Bust the Dust !
Party Stuff Belgium- glows, gadgets, fun stuff... plenty!
Alternative Psychedelic Art- surreal, psychedelic, trance, fantasy, sci-fi, & visionary artwork.
Pacman !!- the real one but fast
Asteroids- need spacebar and arrows
G00gl3- for the hackers
Google for Elmer- awww seawch fow anything
World Web Time- count in Beats, not in seconds
1980 Games- Pac Man, Space Invaders, etc... ready to play! free
spaceshirt.ch- psy goa electro space wear from switzerland
Electronic-Music Radios- listen to any style !
Los Angeles webcam- live and video streaming
Chicago webcam- live every 4 sec.
Belgian Chickens- webcam from 7am until 7pm ... da chicken LIVE!
Wicked Clothing- goth fun clash party fashion
Tattoomanie shop- non toxic temporary tatoos - online shop
They link to us
Liege.com- portail communautaire liégeois
sky36506/techno/- Belgian #techno chat page
http://www.cantremember.com/raves/- rave related
www.gva.be/nieuwsextra- uitgaan in Belgie - Gazet van Antwerpen
CFWB- Conseil Interuniversitaire de la Communauté Française de Belgique
Brussels-Congress- conv. & visitors bureau of the Brus.Cap. Region
www.dezalm.be/cine- cinema related site
Visitbelgium.com- name says all
Herb.be- Belgian school
Musicmoz- open music project
Stribe portal- generalist and nicely done
NRJ.be- parle de Noctis 2002
CDH- Belgian Christian Democrats - political party
KlinPsy- voor Klinisch Psychologen (authentic)
Yellow Indep.- Soundengineering ProTools Lizard
belgium-hospitality.com- tourism in Belgium
Brussels Discovery- Tourism in Brussels
Xpats.com- for Expats in Belgium
Belta- -
BBC travel guide- from A to N to Z
Guido.be- Belgian student portal
Hobby.start.be- all for hobbies
Educypedia- Educational Encyclopedia
m0th4fuck4- fan of Magazine De La Nuit on Campus (1988-2000)
nature-one.de- thanks mates!
techno-pix.de- lotsa pix & lotsa fun
tuner.be- thanks!
thebestofnet.com- heh... name says all
2link.be- thanks again! :-)
brussel.nl- ... :-)
ravelinks.com- lotsa rave related links ... and audiolinks
dance4mation.com- thanks to this Fairplayer Belgian night info website.
Partystuff- Party & Event accessories
Zonneke Party Lights- Light up your party
HTML- good site
DJ T-One- resident at Fiesta Bar
Stagiaireinfo.eu- Hi there. We're adding to our site, which is aimed at all the Stagiaires who come to Brussels. We offer independent advice for stagiaires covering travel, accomodation, fun/nightlife, etc
They choose us for their categories
Maps of Belgium
Mappy- very precise maps - and GREAT tool for road preview
Maporama- easy use and good maps for Belgium, but commercial popups
De Rouck- the absolute Belgian reference ... but needs a free registration
Belgeo- free and easy to use ... the best from now on